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Thank you for your interest in Community Montessori Columbus! We look forward to learning more about your family through this form.
Family Contact Information
Please choose one parent/guardian of the child(ren) you are interested in enrolling at CMC to be your family's primary point of contact throughout the enrollment process. Our full enrollment process will include the opportunity to share multiple parent/guardian(s) and their contact information.
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Your Child
If you are interested in enrolling more than one child at CMC at the same time, please complete an Initial Interest Form for each child.
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CMC is a full-week program, we offer child care and education options most normal business days (Monday through Friday) from 7:30 AM through 6:00 PM. We operate on a calendar of three annual Sessions: Summer, School Year, and Break (most normal business days during the School Year Session when the School Year Session is not in operation). We also offer flexible daily scheduling options to meet our community's diverse needs.
Desired Enrollment Date: *
What daily scheduling options are you interested in exploring during enrollment (please check all that apply)?
Please Help Us to Begin to Get to Know You and Your Child
At CMC, we do many things differently than other child care and education options in Central Ohio. Some of these differences are based on time-tested, fully-implemented Montessori; others are in service of our unique mission of providing child care and education to an intentionally diverse community in ways that promote social and environmental responsibility.

Answers to the following questions are designed to help your family and our program begin to determine if and when enrollment at CMC is a good fit for your child(ren) and your family. Our aim as an institution is to be welcoming and accessible to the broadest cross section of Central Ohio families.

There are no wrong answers to the questions below, only answers that will indicate whether or not our program is a good fit now or in the future. If you are uncertain of how to answer or have concerns about any of the questions below, please feel free to wait to address those issues until your first call or meeting with us.
Please describe your child's previous caregivers and care environments. Please include all regular care experiences at home and in care settings such as at a child care center or preschool.
At CMC, we will promote and develop independence while eating, including preparation, service, enjoyment, and clean up of all snacks and meals. Describe your child's current level of eating independence, including: getting their own snacks, opening sealed containers, drinking from an open cup, and using utensils. What is your comfort level with promoting eating independence at home?
CMC embraces each child's full immersion in their indoor and outdoor learning environments. Clothing may get wet or dirty and need to be changed more frequently than in a typical childcare environment. Please describe your child's level of independence in dressing themselves right now. Are they able to access and choose their own clothing? Are there any pieces of clothing or types of fasteners or shoes they require help changing into or out of?
At the Children's House level, fully-implemented Montessori supports full bathroom independence. This year, CMC cannot support diaper use of any kind. Does your child currently wear a diaper, pull-up, or any type of training pants while awake? Does your child require any special help in using the bathroom such as frequent reminders, undressing, wiping, dressing, or washing hands? If yes, are you ready to support our efforts to promote full bathroom independence for your child?
Each afternoon, we will offer a nap and rest period to all children not yet eligible to be enrolled in kindergarten. Please describe your child's typical nap or rest schedule. If they regularly nap or rest, when does this period typically begin and how long does it typically last? Does your child strongly prefer or require any specific things in order to successfully nap or rest such as a pacifier, special blanket or toy, sound machine or music, pull-up (or other absorbent underwear), or a particular environment (such as their car seat or bedroom)?
Is your child currently following a vaccination schedule as recommended by the CDC and/or their primary healthcare provider?
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If no, in what ways and for what reasons does your child’s vaccination schedule differ from recommendations from the CDC and/or their primary healthcare provider?
Does your child have any documented medical conditions or exceptionalities? If yes, please describe your child's medical conditions and/or exceptionalities as well as any supports, therapies, or accommodations recommended or received.
How did you first learn about CMC?
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What about CMC has motivated you to explore enrollment for your child (please check all that describe your motivations)?
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