Rigging Contact Form
Needing a reserve repack? Line set replacement? Repair? Please fill out this form to be contacted by a rigger!
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Container type (Micron, Javelin, Curve, Etc.) *
Reserve type & Size (Optimum 126, PD 176, Smart 150, Etc.) *
AAD type and Date of Manufacture: *(If your AAD needs required maintenance, the rigger will remove and give to you to send in to the manufacturer). *
Requested finish date: (Please give rigger a minimum of 7 days unless you make other arrangements, rush fee may be applied). *
I understand that riggers are not employed by Skydive West Plains. Skydive West Plains is here to help facilitate communication between you and the riggers, however, any rigs left on Skydive West Plains' property are not the responsibility of Skydive West Plains. Any rigs left in the loft for longer than 30 days become the property of Skydive West Plains unless previous arrangements have been made. *
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