Akron Parks Challenge 2021
The goal of the Akron Parks Challenge is to engage communities around neighborhood parks to create active and vibrant public spaces.

The Challenge offers Akron residents an opportunity to choose $100,000 worth of improvements for their chosen park. Anyone who wants to be part of a process to revitalize their park is eligible to apply. The selected applicants will work with and be supported by the Akron Parks Collaborative to engage their neighborhood in finding a collective vision for the park. Two parks will be chosen in 2021. The Challenge is funded by the City of Akron.

Along with sharing your ideas for your park (in question 1), please be specific about how you would help engage your community (in question 2).

The mission of the Akron Parks Collaborative is to engage the community around the creation and sustainability of vibrant public spaces within City of Akron parks. We support communities in citizen-led design and decision making on neighborhood park improvements. We value equity, inclusion and diversity around public spaces. We also foster and support affiliated Friends Groups around single city parks and support programs that engage residents in city parks.
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Share your ideas for how you might reimagine your favorite city park. Keep in mind that it should be accessible and welcoming for all residents and visitors. (1500 CHARACTERS OR LESS) *
Share why you and your neighborhood should be chosen for this Akron Parks Challenge project. Include information on your ability to engage others in your neighborhood as well as ideas on other people and/or organizations that you would seek out to help and become future stewards of the park. (1500 CHARACTERS OR LESS) *
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