Canada Student Online Assessment
Depending on your situation and your goals, this form will help in assessing your options for studying in Canada, working in Canada, and transitioning to permanent resident status. Our unique CanadaVisa assessment system evaluates your eligibility and provides you with options for achieving your particular goals.

If you are not currently studying in Canada, but wish to do so, by filling out this form we will be able to assess your options and make recommendations for the next steps.

If you are currently studying in Canada, by filling out this form we will be able to provide you with personalized recommendations for working in Canada upon graduation and eventually becoming a Canadian permanent resident. Further, by completing this form we will be able to provide information on bringing family members to Canada, open work permits, and changes to your study permit.

Contrary to received ideas, it is not essential to Deposit a deposit for Studying in Canada, it will be enough simply to prove that your guarantor or holder has fund sufficient to cover at least your first year of study. No need to transfer this money to an account on your behalf in Canada!

In addition, After your studies, Canada thanks to its new PEC or PEQ program, offers you the opportunity to become a Canadian Permanent Resident, which opens the way to Canadian citizenship with the obtaining of the passport of this coveted country, become the first destination of immigration to the world.

If you qualify, you will get an appointment at "Immigration lareferene" in your country to begin the process of obtaining your admission to a university and your study permit in Canada.
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