Code Of Conduct
As a member of Wellington Timebank:

1. I understand that for trades where goods or costs such as petrol, materials, ingredients or the like are required, these need to be paid for by the person receiving and should be agreed to before the trade

2. I agree that members should not put their safety or the safety of others at risk by their actions during trading

3. I agree to respect all other members’ privacy and/or confidentiality

4. I agree to respect other members’ viewpoints and not pressure another participant to accept my religious beliefs or political views

5. I will not involve my friends or relatives in timebanking by bringing them to a member’s home or venue of exchange unless discussed beforehand or invited to do so

6. I will not solicit or accept money, gifts or gratuities from other participants

7. I will refrain from consuming a member’s food or drink unless invited to do so

8. I agree to a no smoking policy when trading in members homes or at the venue of time exchange

9. I understand that members should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a trade

10. I will not use any possessions of the member trader, including the telephone, unless given clear permission to do so

11. I agree to always treat fellow participants with compassion and respect

12. I agree to inform Wellington Timebank in writing if I am subsequently convicted of a criminal offence. (Note: This will be discussed in confidence and does not necessarily mean your Timebank membership will be cancelled)

13. Wellington Timebank has a yearly membership fee which primarily is used to pay for our software Community Weaver which costs us around $2500 per year. You will be expected to pay your membership fee each November during our “Love your Timebank” month. You will be reminded that we are asking for fees and we appreciate you “paying what you can, or paying forward.”

Note: No-one will be excluded from Wellington Timebank if membership fees are not paid nor will there be any penalty, however, we greatly appreciate the support shown from members contributing
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