Beloved Earth Application-Phase 1
Hi! We are happy that you are interested in starting the application process with our green cleaning company! We've been around for 15 years and have an awesome team of people that we are always looking to grow. Which is why we are a little pickier than your average cleaning company. Our team is super important and we are careful to add to it wisely. So jump into phase one, the survey. Depending on whether we think we could be a good match, you'll get a quick response looking to schedule your virtual interview. If that goes well, you'll be offered a working interview - the final hiring phase. The working interview is a PAID day of work where we 'try' it out with the folks who seem like they'll be the best fit with our hard feelings if it doesn't work out by the end of the day. Cleaning isn't for everyone!

So let's start with the basic info...
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Now, let's talk availability...
Much of our work is based on service contracts with a large variety of residential and commercial clients. Depending on what openings we have, we like to make sure you are AVAILABLE to take care of what we need to hire for at the moment.
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