Umpqua Brew Fest X Volunteer Signup Sheet!
Hello 2019 volunteers! We are so excited and grateful to have your help in making this year's Brew Fest come to life. Mark your calendars for Saturday October 12th! Please fill out this form to register as a volunteer. Select your preference for time and activity. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences. All volunteers will receive free entry to the brew fest, a glass and 5 drink tickets!
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Activity Preference
There are many things that we need volunteers for at Umpqua Brew Fest - most are pourers to help distribute the awesome beverages that have been donated for our fundraiser. But, if you are interested in other volunteer roles, please select all that interest you! This is not a complete list, and other activities may arise that we will ask for your help with!
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Shift Preference
There are three shifts at the Brew Fest:
Shift 1: 1-4pm
Shift 2: 4-7pm
Shift 3: 7-10pm

We ask that you be there to check in 30 minutes before the start of your shift to sign in, pick up your badge, attend orientation and get to your station. You will be given your glass and drink tickets after you have completed your volunteer shift. There is no drinking allowed before your volunteer shift. For those working the 7-10 shift, you will be able to drink after the event, taste from remaining taps and hang out.

Please select your first, second and third choices below. We will do everything we can to accommodate, but those who sign up early will be more likely to get their preference! You can indicate in the comments at the end if you would like to volunteer for more than one shift.
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Do you have an OLCC server's permit? (not required to be a pourer) *
Put the name of anyone you would like to volunteer with (we will do our best to put you together!)
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Any additional comments about your volunteer preferences?
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