Quiz First level Training Urban Sustainable Development 22-23 July 2020

This training is organized in the framework of the CRIC project "Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities", co-funded by the European Union.

The training is being delivered and developed by ISOCARP Institute centre for Urban Excellence.

The partners of the project are Pilot4dev and UCLG ASPAC (co-organizers), ACR+, Ecolise, University Gustave Eiffel and AIILSG.

Please answer the Multiple Choice Questions, but also your take aways of the different sessions at the bottom of the page. We will return to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your participation !
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Which SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) is dedicated to Sustainable cities? *
What is the target for the maximum increase of global temperature fixed in the 2015 Paris Agreement? *
What can be the consequences of unaffordable housing? *
What can be the negative side effects of finance economy in cities *
Does public transportation impact economic development? *
Are the largest emitters (68%) of GHG emissions at the global level
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In the “new urban framework”, is a Master plan still useful?
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Is Social Justice part of urban sustainable development? *
What SDG is dedicated to urban poverty? *
Can sustainable urban development decrease the impacts of disasters and climate related events? *
Can Green spaces have an impact on climate mitigation and adaptation? *
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