Cru Women's Progressive Dinner Hostess/Driver Survey 2017
That's right, it's our favorite time of year ladies.... PROGRESSIVE DINNER!! We are so excited for the opportunity to love on some freshman and other first year women! BUT we need YOUR help!!

We are on the search for upperclass-women to either host or drive all of the lovely ladies we get to shower with Jesus, laughter, love, community, and food!! You will receive more details as we get closer but this is all going down Friday, September 15th from 6 to 9pm.

Our goal of the evening for each woman to leave feeling more loved and known!

Please fill out this survey if you are willing to host or drive. As a driver your job is to get your group of girls to all three parts of the meal (must have access to car and be ready to meet the girls at 5:45pm!). As a hostess you will host one part of the three course meal (must have a place to cook and host, the food choice is up to you!).

Thanks in advance for your willingness to help! Y'ALL ARE THE BEST!!!

If you have any questions/concerns contact Meredith Ledford at (859) 585-4677 or

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We need people to host and people to drive, which do you prefer? *
If you can drive, how many can you fit in your car? (do not count yourself - passenger count only please!)
If you wanna be a lovely hostess, what address can we find you at?
Hostesses this is a three course meal but you will only host one part, what is your 1st preference to serve?
Hostesses, what is your 2nd preference?
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