MAD - Moto Avantura za Devojke
Place: Sovinac lake (Salaš, Serbia)
Date: June 28th, 29th and 30th 2019.
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Application rules
MAD - Moto avantura za devojke is female only motorcycle camp.
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MAD will be organized in the last week of June (28th, 29th and 30th June 2019).
Location: Sovinac lake (Salaš, Serbia)

Participation in this event costs 30e for foreign citizens or 3500 RSD for Serbian citizens.

Ticket price includes:
- 5 meals (Friday: dinner; Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner; Sunday: breakfast)
- spot for tent
- parking for motorcycle/car
- water, toilet and shower

There are no one day tickets.
We don't refund money but you can pass your ticket to another girl (in that case contact us at

Payment method:
Serbian citizens: depost to bank account of Društvo motociklistkinja Srbije or in-person to organizers. Participation can be payed in parts but full price need to be payed before June 1st 2019.
Foreigners: please contact us at

Girls who don't fill this form until 1. June and don't pay ticket price won't have opportunity to enter the camp.
Camp rules
The camp is in nature so we won't forbid taking camping equipment with you, nor forbid taking food or non alcohol drinks inside of the camp. However, people from security and organization can ask you to leave something outside of camp. You need to have on your mind that we are in nature and the nearest market is more than 6km away from the camp.

Camp is not alcohol free zone but organizers strongly recommend not to drink and drive. Also, using of protective gear in activities outside of camp is mandatory! Having driving license and insurance for motorcycle is also mandatory!

Camp is only for girls and we won't make exception.
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