Registration Form for Bangkok Acro Convention 2019
Welcome to the registration of Bangkok Acro Convention. Please check carefully which of our three BAC events you would like to join, what the dates and prices are. Scroll down for a Combi Ticket if you want it all! The Pre-convention will be Dec. 6th our day long intensive. The Main Convention the BAC will be Dec. 7-9th. with three day s of Acro rush. The Post -convention will be Dec. 11-14th, four days of intensive training with limited amount of students working on your goals. Please note that all early bird tickets are sold out!
Food, water and all Workshops are included in your ticket
BAC Pre-convention, day long intensive Dec. 6th, 10 am to 4 pm, please choose your teachers. Ticket includes lunch and water refill
BAC Bangkok Acro Convention Dec 7-9th. 9:30 am to 5pm. Ticket includes lunch and water refill
BAC Post-postconvention Dec. 11th - 14th 9:30 am to 4pm. Ticket includes lunch and water refill
Combi Ticket - I want it ll and I m fit to take it all! Pre-. Main- and Post-convention Dec. 6,7,8,9 and 11,12,13,14th. Ticket includes lunch and water refill
Your Ticket for the Convention 2019 will only be confirmed after you paid your approximately 10 days after your registration  *
Payment details for your deposit
Please use PayPal to send your deposit to: Include BAC2019 and your name. Deposit for the Pre-convention: 1000 THB, deposit for the Bangko Acro Convention :1500 THB (for any days), deposit for the Post-convention 4000 baht. deposit Combi Ticket: 6000 THB .The remaining amount will be paid in cash on your first day of the Bangkok Acro Convention. If you do not have PayPal get in touch with
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With joining Bangkok Acro Convention, I am fully aware of the risks involved in this sport, and I take full responsibility for my own safety. I do not hold the teachers, organizers or host responsible for any injuries that might occur during this practice.
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We are looking forward to play and fly with you! Niko, Roj and Monika
We will send you a confirmation e mail within 72 hours, please make sure to check your spam folder. If you have any questions get in touch with us
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