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Job Description
Staff writers will contribute one article per issue over the course of a minimum one-year term (4 issues). Article topics are either assigned directly by the editorial staff or selected from a list of options by the writer. The writer is expected, to the best of her ability, to turn in assignments promptly and stick to the topic she has been assigned, while bringing her own unique voice and life experience to that topic. With each new issue, staff writers are assigned to work alongside a staff editor to fine-tune their piece for publication. The writer should expect that her editor will suggest changes with the mutual goal of strengthening the article, not simply deconstructing and rearranging it. The writer is free and encouraged to dialogue with her editor if there are changes that she is uncomfortable with.

Staff writers must agree to uphold the DOP statement of faith and values in their writing, taking care to provide Scriptural basis for theological positions or truths that are presented.

Staff writers will receive credit lines in, and free copies of each issue they contribute to. Writers will be given 6-8 weeks to work on each assignment, from the time the assignment is given to the time that the final draft is due.

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