Mastering Checklist - Vocal Mastering
Please include all relevant information about your project. Please note that mastering CANNOT begin until this form has been filled out.
Artist Name *
Pentatonix, Yale Whiffenpoofs, Peter Hollens - etc.
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Title of Project *
"Musical Pun" / "ActionWord" / "Inside Joke" - etc.
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Who can we contact if we have questions prior to or during mastering? (Please list name and phone number) *
John Doe / 919-898-8888
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Sequence and Track Names (if CD-TEXT is desired, please be EXACT with spelling / naming). Do NOT use 1. , 2., but rather, 01, 02, 03, etc. - thank you! *
1) Journey Medley, 2) Buble Cover, etc. (please hit enter after each track)
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If you have ISRC codes you need included with your masters, please enter them here with corresponding track numbers/names. If you do not have or need ISRC, leave blank.
eg TRACK 1 US4DG1200259, TRACK 2 US4DG1200260, TRACK 3 US4DG1200261, etc
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If you have a UPC/MCN code you need included with your masters, please enter it here.
Should be 13 digits, eg 4250594901849
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Who are your Mixing Engineers?
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When is your preferred mastering date? *
(format: Month/Day/Year) -- If you have already booked a specific date with Vocal Mastering, or if you have a specific window of 1-3 days when you need your project to mastered, please indicate it below. If you have a flexible timeline, please indicate this below.
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How will you send your source audio to us? *
Dynamic Preference *
If applicable, please list any other album-specific or track-specific requests here. We will use our judgment if you have no specific requests.
Examples: "Make the album sound cohesive" / "Make song 3 sound bassier " / "Make spacing between tracks 2 seconds" / "Make the album "gapless"" / "Fix the hiss in song 5", or "just make it awesome". Note that we cannot make it sound "less produced". Please visit to learn more about what mastering can and cannot do.
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Please choose how you'd like your mastered files delivered *
DDP or Spaced WAVs are the most common formats.
Where would you like the Master / Files sent? *
Email Address / FTP account - as is applicable
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Do you need Vocal Mastering to upload your mastered files to your replicator on your behalf?
If you answered YES to the above question, please list ALL project numbers associated with your project, as well as your replicator's contact information, and your replicator accoun login information
CT0009197 / QT8826690 / Mike Jones / / login / password
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Please list your preferred method of payment. *
Who will be handling your payment, specifically? *
John Smith,, 999-999-9999
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Are there any forms that must be filled out with your organization / school, prior to your being able to pay for our work? *
Please confirm your payment schedule. *
I acknowledge that payment is required in full before release of media (invoices may be submitted in advance when paying via school/institutional accounts). I further acknowledge that if I miss my mastering date, or cause the mastering engineer to have to wait for files on day of mastering (business hours are 8AM-4:30PM, EST), I will be charged a fee of up to 100% of my estimated total accrued bill.
How did you hear about Vocal Mastering?
Please let us know what led you to working with us!
Please list any additional project information or questions. Or tell us how you're feeling. Or just hit submit. We'll be in touch soon to confirm your request. Thanks!
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