What can we do about Misinformation, Lies and Propaganda?
We have created a Working Group in Persist Brooklyn to explore what we can *DO* as activists to counter lies, misinformation and propaganda in this era of crisis - and beyond.

We host virtual events - sometimes with expert guests - to explore media literacy and a building an informed democracy.

All are welcome.
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Please share with us the name of a writer, group, academic or journalist(s) you admire that promotes good media accountability such as Media Maters for America (https://www.mediamatters.org). So we can potentially invite them to share their work and hear their *recommendations*. (Please include website if possible, several if you have them!) *
Share an example(s) of a current lie / misinformation / propaganda / media source(s) that you find particularly disturbing - and what you have thought or tried to do to counter it. (link if possible) *
Any suggestions, thoughts and ideas how to build out a group to begin to create actions we take collectively to address these issues. What you would like to do to promote this effort. *
Would you be interested in helping Persist Brooklyn to facilitate virtual events to pursue activist strategies regarding lies, misinformation and propaganda. *
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