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Please make sure you fit the following requirements before continuing with the application...

1. You are at least 15 years of age
2. Must be able to handle and take care of inappropriate language and content
3. Have either played Club Penguin or have a well understanding of what it is
4. Must be mature and use proper grammar within staff related inquiries
5. Must be an active user on the server, and have a well understanding of what it is
6. Have a well understanding of what being staff means

Having been in the discord server / a member of the server for at least 2 weeks.
Developers- Focus on the technical and the core of functionality in regards to different regions of the server and the platforms regarding such.
--- Skripter, Plugin Developer, Datapack Developer, HTML, C++, Commandblock Tech, Javascript

Builders: Focused on building what we experience on the server, interpreting reference into the world of Minecraft whether it be to scale or custom
--- Exterior, Interior, Terraform, Custom

Designers: Focus on details and designs on behalf of player experience and enjoyment, with a mix of artistic and interactionist
--- 3D Modeler, Pixel Artist, Interaction Design, Sound Design, Website Design

Moderators: Dedicated towards community interaction and keeping the server on-track of server guidelines and a general happy & fun environment
--- In-game & Discord
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