We Want to Hear From You
As the City of Redlands plans for the future, we are taking a close look at the public safety services, local infrastructure, public facilities and city programs that our community relies on. We are seeking feedback from the community about your priorities and welcome any questions or comments.

Please complete the survey below and rate the importance of the following priorities for Redlands.

Thank you!
Community Priorities
High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
Providing efficient responses to 9-1-1 emergencies by addressing public safety facilities needs for police, fire and emergency operations
Replace outdated firefighting and life-saving equipment
Addressing homelessness
Keeping public areas clean, safe and free of graffiti
Increasing the number of police officers in our community and providing police services, including crime prevention and investigations
Reducing gang activity and drug related crimes
Repairing and maintaining public buildings, the library, sidewalks, curbs, parks and recreation centers
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