FlashDrive Demo Survey
Fill out this survey if you have played the FlashDrive demo! If you have not you can find it here: https://teammonumental.itch.io/flashdrive-demo
How would you rate the Controls? *
How would you rate the track style/shape? *
How would you rate the track environments?(ooze factory, coastal town, ect) *
What do you think about the track avoidables?(meteors, barrels, ooze geysers) *
What is your favorite power-up? *
What is your favorite part of the Shadowood Bay map? *
What is your favorite vehicle model? *
What audio could use the most improvement? *
On a scale of 1-10(10 being best) how would you rate the music? *
Did you play the game with friends? *
What would you see yourself playing more? *
How smooth does the game run? *
How predictable is the ai? *
Very Predictable
Did you find any bugs? (if so describe them)
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How did you find out about the game?
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How easy is the game? *
Very easy
Very hard
What game would you most compare FlashDrive to?
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What is most important to you? *
What do you enjoy most about the game?
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Leave any additional comments here! (We will read them)
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