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The time has come for the first Blueshell event to kickstart the academic year! Do you really want to meet your fellow Blueshell members? Or do you still press X to doubt about Blueshell? Then Join us on the 11th of September in De Stek for a gamenight with a free dinner for new members and interested people. This is the perfect opportunity to make friends, for Dutch and international students alike. Come chill and play some party games together. Then later that evening, at 20:00, form teams and participate in a game-related pubquiz which will test your knowledge in multiple rounds! The entrance for new members/interested people starts at 18:00 while the members from previous years can come at 19:00!

Important information:
Date/Time: Wednesday the 11th of September 2019, between 18.00-23.00 (enter/leave whenever you want)
Location: De Stek (Bastille), University of Twente
Costs: Free for everyone!

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact the board (
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