2024SS日本語練習 Japanese conversation
Sessions are held on Tuesdays(12:00-12:20, 12:30-12:50, 13:00-13:20).
If you are a beginner learner of Japanese, we strongly recommend that you first take a Japanese language learning advising session before booking a conversation session. Please note that we do not provide Japanese teaching in the conversation sessions, so please book a session after you can communicate to some extent.
As for Japanese language leaning advising sessions, we provide one-on-one sessions with a language learning advisor on every Tuesday 15:10-15:50, 16:00-16:40 from  Apr 8  to Aug 5).  Online sessions via Zoom are also available.
Book a session here (Bookings will be open on Apr. 3.): https://forms.gle/puyrufmz793bmzws7
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ご希望の日時 Desired date and time (For the respect of other students who may have wanted to reserve that session, please avoid cancellations the day before or the day of the session.) *
ご希望のセッション方式 Preferred session style *
参加人数 (Number of participants) *
同席するご友人のお名前 (おひとりで参加の場合は「なし」とご記入ください (Name of your friend who will participate the session with you; if you participate alone, please write "none") *
会話練習でどのようなトピックを話したいですか?もしくは、どういうことを練習したいですか? (当日はご自分でトピックを用意してご参加ください) What topics would you like to discuss in your conversation session/ What would you like to practice? (Please bring any topic when you participate in your session.) *
対面でのセッションをご希望の方にお尋ねします。会話練習パートナーのマスク着用を希望しますか? Do you mind your conversation partner not wearing a mask?
オンラインセッションをお申し込みの方は、下のURLよりzoomにご入室ください (現在申し込み確認メールの不着トラブルが起こっておりますので、このフォームの回答を自動送信するためにこちらに載せています。対面でのご参加の方もボタンを押してフォームを送信してください)
This item is for letting those who book for the online session know the zoom link by sending participant a copy of the answers automatically. Please just answer "I understood." and send this form.

Meeting ID: 769 5113 1408
Passcode: 7QKAxf

この期間の会話練習の受け付け開始のお知らせをどの方法でお知りになりましたか?How did you find the information about conversation sessions for this period?
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