Latin Club Equity Committee Application:
Salvete omnes! Please fill out this form if you are interested in joining the Equity Committee. Keep in mind that you must be a Latin Club member in order to join this committee.

The duties of this Committee are:

1.) Examine the current structures, practices, and activities of the Riverbend High School Latin Club to determine if they allow for greater equity, diversity, and amplification of all members' voices.
2.) Advise the Executive Board in creating activities that will help bring greater equity to the Latin Club.
3.) Review the actions and ideas of the Executive Board to decide if they will help educate, inform, and/or promote equity throughout the organization.
4.) Determine how the Riverbend High School Latin Club can use its platform to promote Latin and the Classics so that it can prevent promoting or implying racism, misogyny, white supremacy, or Western superiority in any way.
5.) Create an End-Of-Year Report detailing the Equity Committee's actions and achievements throughout the year and submit it to the Executive Board at least two weeks before school ends.

Please respond as thoroughly as possible. We look forward to reading your responses!
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