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After submission please let a staff member know! It may take up to 48 hours to get a response.
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You get the rank of Trusted After being active on the server, registered as a Member, and you have interest in building better things in creative. There is also the rank of Trusted+ and Trusted++. Thee main thing behind the trusted rank, is a lifting of banned blocks in the creative world only. Each rank has the following perks:

Trusted, has access to 9 plots, and can place the following: rail, activator_rail ,detector_rail, powered_rail, command_block_minecart, chest_minecart, furnace_minecart, hopper_minecart, tnt_minecart, minecart ,acacia_boat, birch_boat, dark_oak_boat, jungle_boat, oak_boat, spruce_boa, redstone, comparator, redstone_block, redstone_lamp, redstone_torch, redstone_wall_torch, repeater, daylight_detector, trapped_chest, tripwire_hook

Trusted+, has access to 16 plots All of Trusted perks, and can place the following: armor_stand, painting, item_frame, end_crystal, beacon, piston, sticky_piston, dropper, dispenser, observer, iron_door, iron_trapdoor, oak_door, oak_trapdoor, spruce_door, spruce_trapdoor, birch_door, birch_trapdoor, jungle_door, jungle_trapdoor, dark_oak_door, dark_oak_trapdoor, acacia_door, acacia_trapdoor, oak_fence_gate, spruce_fence_gate, birch_fence_gate, jungle_fence_gate, acacia_fence_gate, dark_oak_fence_gate

Trusted++, has access to 16 plots All of Trusted and Trusted+ perks, and has access to World Edit.

To earn the Trusted rank, You MUST fill out this form. It may take us some time to process the request. Trusted+ requires you to have more time on the server, and Trusted++ requires knowledge of world edit, and considerable playtime on the server. For both Trusted+ and Trusted++ The written reason needs to be a good reason.
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