#LatinaGeeks Lead Volunteer Application (President)
Organization Description
Our mission is to empower and inspire Latinas by sharing technical knowledge, business skills and entrepreneurship resources through hands-on workshops and community events.

#LatinaGeeks is a nonprofit organization with chapters across the western United States. Our chapters are led by volunteers who are the heart and soul of the organization. Their contributions and leadership are critical to fulfilling our mission. Lead volunteers play a vital role in helping to create an organizational culture to support and empower women in technology, while also fostering global citizens and powerful agents of change in the United States.

Position Description
Each chapter president has the flexibility to create and develop their own chapter. There are, however, key responsibilities that all chapter leaders are asked to fulfill. The main functions of a chapter leader are to provide leadership and direction to volunteers, grow programs designed to facilitate engagement opportunities between community members, training professionals and corporate sponsors and to serve as an ambassador on behalf of the #LatinaGeeks chapter during programs and events.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
- Facilitate long-range planning discussions with chapter leadership for strategic planning
- Assure that the chapter has a year-long strategy which furthers #LatinaGeeks’ mission and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress
- Ability to convey a vision of #LatinaGeeks’ strategic future to staff, board, volunteers and donors
- Provide leadership in collaboration with the Advisory Board of Directors and lead volunteers to carry out plans and policies authorized by #LatinaGeeks’ Governing Board and Executive Leadership Team
- Maintain regular contact with #LatinaGeeks’ home office and participate in regional activities such as chapter leader conference calls, retreats, meetings and #LatinaGeeks community events whenever possible.
- Work with chapter secretary/treasurer to oversee and maintain financial budgets for the chapter. This includes ensuring the organization is compliant with state and federal guidelines as a nonprofit organization
- Demonstrates proficiency in basic computer programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
- Exhibits ability to think creatively and analytically, possessing strong problem-solving skills

Lead Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
- Identify and recruit co-leaders to share the leadership role and/or involve chapter members in the running of the chapter (i.e. establish advisory board and recruit chapter lead volunteers)
- Prepare operational and financial reports for the governing board of directors and executive leadership team of the organization. These reports are typically presented to executives on a quarterly or yearly basis to review the chapter's status, as well as exchange ideas and suggest changes to improve operations.
- Hold chapter meetings on a regular schedule. #LatinaGeeks is based on a successful model where chapter lead volunteers meet on a monthly basis.
- Recruits and trains president-elect to ensure a smooth transition of officers at end-of-term.

Knowledge and Skills
- Strong public speaking ability
- Ability to interface and engage diverse volunteer and donor groups
- Demonstrate excellent customer service and interpersonal skills by maintaining clear and effective communication.
- Demonstrates ability to manage time efficiently and multi-task effectively
- Exhibits strong leadership skills (i.e. ability to motivate, guide, and create a positive organizational culture through transparency and high integrity leadership)
- Capable of formulating and maintaining a network of business contacts

Preferred Expertise
- Has first hand experience working with Latina communities and demonstrates cultural sensitivity to the needs of the population
- Education and/or professional experience in business, technology or nonprofit
- Experience or ease of working in a start-up nonprofit environment
- Experience or ease of working remotely with teams

Perks and Benefits
We recognize that our volunteers go above and beyond to support #LatinaGeeks’ in furthering its mission. Given the collective impact we are able to reach, it is important for us to establish a reciprocal relationship with each and everyone of our volunteers and supporters. Below are some of the opportunities we want to offer in gratitude of volunteers’ dedication and good will:

- Organization-sponsored continued education opportunities
- On-going professional development activities
- Mentoring activities to help grow individual leadership capacity
- Network activation in technology, nonprofit, education and business sectors
- Public recognition for volunteering commitments and achievements
- Invitation to exclusive networking and community events

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Please read the following carefully before signing this application:
I understand that this is an application for and not a commitment or promise of volunteer opportunity. I certify that I have and will provide information throughout the selection process, including on this application for a volunteer position and in interviews with #LatinaGeeks that is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I certify that I have and will answer all questions to the best of my ability and that I have not and will not withhold any information that would unfavorably affect my application for a volunteer position. I understand that information contained on my application will be verified by #LatinaGeeks. I understand that misrepresentations or omissions may be cause for my immediate rejection as an applicant for a volunteer position with #LatinaGeeks or my termination as a volunteer.
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