UNC Kessing Code of Conduct
1. No diving into Kessing outdoor pool. Feet first entry at all times.
2. Players must respect lifeguards’ requests.
3. Triangle Water Polo Club’s reservation ends at 12 pm. All players must leave the facility no later than 12:15 pm. In order to comply with this rule, we will be ending scrimmages at 11:50 am, and TWPC players must help put away equipment promptly.
4. Family, friends, or other guests of TWPC players are welcome to use the shallow end of the pool during our practice time for a fee of $5/guest.
5. The following is prohibited:
• Glass bottles on the pool deck
• Street shoes in the pool
• Running, pushing, shoving, or horseplay on the decks or in the water
• Chewing gum in the pool
• Foul or abusive language
• Extended breath holding in the water
• Hanging on lane lines
• Band-Aids in the pool
• Eating in the pool or at the pool wall
• Bikes on the pool decks or balcony
• Pets on the pool decks
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I have read and agree to abide by the UNC Kessing Code of Conduct above. I understand that failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in my expulsion from practice or suspension from TWPC membership. *
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