The 38th Annual EVVY Awards Theater Individual Submissions Form
This is the submissions form for the individual theater submissions!

Please do not fill this form out if you have already been submitted through the group submissions form, or if your group intends on doing so. Though we will keep track of which shows have submitted the group package, it is your responsibility to communicate with others on your project whether or not you will be submitting together or individually.

At this time, we are unable to allow submissions affiliated with Emerson Stage.

Submissions may not be payed for with SGA allocated funds.

The categories you may submit yourself for are:
- Outstanding Scenic Design
- Outstanding Costume Design for Stage
- Outstanding Props Design for Stage
- Outstanding Sound Design for Stage
- Outstanding Lighting Design for Stage
- Outstanding Choreography for Stage
- Outstanding Director for the Stage
- Outstanding Supporting Male Actor
- Outstanding Supporting Female Actor
- Outstanding Lead Male Actor
- Outstanding Lead Female Actor

Please note: If you wish to submit yourself more than once, please complete this form once for each submission.

Which category would you like to submit for? *
Please provide the name(s) of those responsible for the content of this submission
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What is the title of show associated with this submission? *
ex. A Street Car Named Desire
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What group affiliation does this show have, if any? *
ex: Emerson Shakespeare Society
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Where is the show being performed? *
ex. The Cabaret
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What are the dates and times of the performances? Please list all performance times. *
ex. October 2nd at 7:00pm and October 3rd at 2:00pm
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What is the name(s) of the producer(s) of this show? *
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What is the email address(es) of the producers of this show? *
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What is the name of the director of this show? *
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What is the email address of the director of this show? *
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PLEASE NOTE: In order to be considered for an EVVY, you must hold up to four seats at every performance for a judge. Are you willing and capable of doing this? *
At this time, the only form of payment we can accept is cash. Do you agree to pay for your submission in cash? *
Please list the best email to contact you regarding payment. *
Please note: payment is due seven (7) days after you receive an invoice from
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