The National Campaign for the Arts brings you the Hearts for the Arts Awards 2021.
This is an annual initiative to reward the unsung heroes and thank local authorities and cultural trusts who are overcoming financial challenges to ensure the arts stay at the centre of community life.

This year has been like no other. And yet, time and time again creative activity and the arts have brought local communities together, and have brought not only joy but necessary aid to those who need it most.
For one year only (we hope!), we'd like to specifically award those champions and projects that have been an antidote to a global pandemic, and battled against severe financial hardship to bring soothing creativity to people's lives, sparking joy and comfort in local areas all over the UK.

Our awards categories are:

1. Best Arts Champion - Councillor
Leadership is critically important to keep the arts at the heart of communities. This award is for those who advocate for, support and engage with the arts in their role as an elected Councillor.

2. Best Arts Champion - Local Authority or Cultural Trust Worker
This award is for Local Authority and Cultural Trust workers who work passionately and tirelessly on arts projects and programmes in their communities during this time. This category is not limited to those working in arts and heritage departments; for example they could work in planning or social care.

3. Best Arts Project
This category would like to recognise the projects and creative services that have been delivered against-all-odds this year and that have created connection at a time when we have all been forced to be disconnected. We welcome a wide range of nominations from creative activity that has brought communities together, to civic uses of local cultural buildings and arts organisations.

Eligibility Criteria:
Initiatives or projects must be created or delivered by a county, district, borough, city council or cultural trust on behalf of a local authority.
Arts organisations who have partnered with their local county, district, borough or city council are eligible.
The project must have taken place between 10th October 2019 and 20th November 2020
Champions must have undertaken the work you are nominating them for as a direct part of their employment with a county, district, borough, city council or cultural trust delivering on behalf of a local authority.
The individual must have worked for the county, district, borough, city council or cultural trust within the last 12 months, but does not have to be a permanent employee.
A Mayor is eligible for nomination in the Best Arts Champion – Councillor category.

The deadline for nominations is: 6th December 2020.

For more information on the awards, please visit the Hearts for the Arts webpage:

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