Campus Medication Permission
This form lists medications that we should have on hand at school. Please choose which medications we are allowed to administer to your student. Only boxes selected will be allowed to be given to or used for your student. Please note that you will be called to pick up your child if they are running a fever of 100 degrees or have thrown up. We will not give medicine in either of those situations. Always consider other medications your child may be taking when filling out this form.
This form is valid for one year from the date listed below: *
Student Name *
Please choose any item that you would give us permission to use for your child without calling you beforehand.
I hereby give permission to St. Mark Catholic School to give or apply the above checked medication as deemed necessary by faculty/staff in the office.
Please note that we may run out of certain items. If you are aware that your child needs a particular medicine, fill out a short Term medicine form and bring it into the SCHOOL OFFICE with the medicine. Medicine should not be sent in a child's backpack.
Parent/Guardian Name *
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