Open letter to Council President Darrell L. Clarke and the Faithful Laurentians
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Dear Carolyn Bechta Devine, Frank Brzozowski, and other members of the Faithful Laurentians:
We, the parents of children attending St. Laurentius School, members of the Holy Name parish, and your neighbors, are writing this letter to you to beg that you immediately cease your lawsuit against the people trying to develop the historically-designated building known as St. Laurentius.

Your persistence has done nothing but to delay the restoration of the building while putting our neighbors and, most importantly, our children at risk of injury and even death from falling debris. We call on you to reconsider your position in light of recent degradation that has caused the school to have to close for safety reasons.

In light of the seriousness of the danger, we also ask that Council President Clarke take immediate legislative action to see this to a proper resolution if the Faithful Laurentians do not desist in their suit. Every day the risk to our neighborhood’s historical fabric, our institutions, and our children grows.

Do you want the people of this neighborhood to remember you as the people who caused the loss of this beautiful part of our neighborhood? Do you want to be remembered as the people who were responsible for the closing of our only remaining Catholic school and parish? If a child is injured by falling debris, do you want to be remembered as the reason why?

It is not too late for all parties to do the right thing. Please act immediately to prevent future tragedy.



CC: Council President Darrell L. Clarke, Councilman Mark Squilla, Henry L. Schirmer, Jr., esq
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