1819 Year-End Class Survey Advanced Design
This survey is being completed anonymously, no names or login information will be recorded. The purpose of this form is to allow you to give ideas to the teacher about how this class might be improved. You are encouraged to add your comments and suggestions at the end of this survey. It is important that you take this survey seriously and provide honest, but appropriate feedback.
In this class, the teacher... *
Strongly Disagree
makes class interesting and relevant
uses class time effectively
knows the subject matter
presents material in a variety of ways (hands-on, group, written, orally, etc..)
provides a variety of ways to measure what was learned
recognizes and acknowledges effort
keeps me informed of my progress
is approachable and willing to help me
encourages and accepts different opinions
manages a classroom that allows me to work and learn with few disruptions
has the respect of the students
enforces rules fairly and consistently
encourages cooperation and participation
provides opportunities for student choice
is creative in planning lessons and activities
communicates with my parents
is involved and supportive of students within the school setting
encourages me to think for myself
encourages me to ask for help when I need it
In this class I came prepared, for example, by reading, reviewing notes, or preparing questions
In this class I played an active part by maintaining focused attention or actively participating in discussions and/or asking questions.
The activities that are most beneficial in helping me learn are...
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What have you enjoyed the most so far in this class; list up to three things that you have enjoyed so far in this course.
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What suggestions do you have for this course that could help moving forward?
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Complete this sentence. One thing, I wish my teacher knew that would help me succeed in class is...
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