Underground Railroad: Application DUE Friday, December 15th, 2017
This form is an opportunity to share a little bit about your background and current practices as a Creative Radical. This information will only be shared with Liberatory Coach, ChE. Think of this as your first Underground Railroad entry-- a means of documenting your initial intentions to refer back to as you evolve over the course of the cohort. Don't worry about your answers being "perfect"; just respond honestly in the moment (first thought, best thought!). So go ahead and put on some music, light a candle, and maybe some incense, and enjoy the process. Please submit by January 15, 2018.
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What city/ state are you currently based? What timezone are you in? *
How did you learn about the Underground Railroad: Liberatory Coaching for Creative Radicals of Color? *
What artistic/ creative mediums do you work in? Note: These do not have to be solely traditional artistic mediums (i.e. painting, sculpture, dance); they can include experimental, ancestral, and everyday acts that are apart of your creative practice (i.e. cooking, ritual, gardening, procession organizing, etc.). *
Do you have any experience with collaborative or collective art-making? *
If yes, please describe your experience with collaborative or collective art-making?
Do you have experience facilitating/ holding space for groups of people? *
If yes, can you share a little about your facilitation background-- core framework utilized/ training background, communities you work with, how you are seeking to grow as a facilitator?
What does activism/ social justice look like in your life? Please describe the liberatory creative projects you are engaged in. *
Each Creative Radical works on a project within your Underground Railroad pathway as a means of anchoring a 7-month commitment to your liberatory practice. Is there a project you are already dreaming up or developing that you would like to call in now? What kind of support are you currently seeking? (Note: We will spend time in a Visioning process, so don't worry if you aren't exactly sure what your liberatory project is. Just share whatever is in your heart at this moment, knowing that it will evolve throughout the process.)
There may be opportunities to collaborate with other Creative Radicals on your liberatory project? Is this something you may be interested in or are actively seeking? *
What are some of the challenges you struggle with in achieving your goals and making your dreams into a reality? *
What ancestral healing and/or self-care practices are currently a part of your life? *
Do you have an altar in your living space? *
Do any of your healing or self-care practices intersect with your social justice work? If so, how? *
Which Underground Railroad pathway would you like to take? (Feel free to review the full description on the enrollment page. There will also be a live Q&A on Saturday, Dec.9th) *
Please set an Intention to take with you throughout the next seven months of your Underground Railroad journey: *
What does LIBERATION mean to you? Can you share a story of a time you felt free? *
Have you participated in a virtual coaching program, workshop series, or webinar before?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
I understand that my enrollment in the Underground Railroad: Liberatory Coaching for Creative Radicals of Color is not complete until I sign up for a sliding scale automatic monthly payment via the PayPal link on the website. *
I understand and agree to the terms that my first monthly payment for the Underground Railroad: Liberatory Coaching for Creative Radicals of Color is nonrefundable. I also understand that the program cycle is 7-months, and I am committing to stay enrolled in the program for at least 3-months before exiting (for personal benefit and to honor the community I am building with). *
Are you applying for a Work Trade or Reparations Reclamation? *
*Click the link to apply for a Work Trade or Reparations Reclamation or return to Underground Railroad website for live link
Deep gratitude for taking the time to introduce yourself through these initial reflections! Looking forward to connecting with you in January for your first virtual session! Keep a lookout for an email with important Underground Railroad program info in early January.
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