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Leaders of the Free World(LFW) is an international experiential learning and leadership development program for young Black men. Our mission is to develop dynamic leaders who are globally-minded, self-aware, and service-driven. This Fall, LFW will recruit 15 young black men from community college institutions in MA, NY, NC, and VA. LFW Fellows will take part in a year-long leadership development program that includes a trip to Ghana.
Please review application eligibility and criteria. http://www.leadersofthefreeworld.org/apply.html
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Deadline to Apply: 12/1/17 7 p.m. EST

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Fellows are the focus of the program. They are high potential leaders with "proven risk" circumstances. (i.e. criminal justice system, low academic/economic achievement, gang involvement etc.) Mentors are group facilitators who provide support and encouragement to fellows.
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