Karno-Ruthenian Citizenship Application

This is the citizenship application of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.

If you wish to become a citizen, please complete this form. All data must be lawful and correspond to an existing person. Karnia-Ruthenia does not approve false or fake identities as citizens, although permission for pseudonyms may be granted. All data entered in this form is safely secured and handled, and will not be shared without your permission.

Karnia-Ruthenia is a voluntary organisation and Karno-Ruthenian citizenship is not recognized as a valid international citizenship, and shall not be used as replacement of citizenship of UN-recognized states, nor shall possession of it violate any citizenship laws. No special statuses are granted by having possession of Karno-Ruthenian citizenship, such as diplomatic immunity or change to residence status. Karnia-Ruthenia will not offer legal support to Karno-Ruthenian citizens and Karnia-Ruthenia shall not involve it in legal issues of citizens.

The privileges of Karno-Ruthenian micronational citizenship do not and cannot abrogate national, subnational, or international law.  Participation herein is voluntary and not legally binding.
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If you would like to be listed as a citizen with a name other than your real name, please write it here. (It is subject to approval.)
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I understand and accept that Karnia-Ruthenia is an aspiring state and cannot provide access to immigration or relocation services by the use of this citizenship program. *
I affirm that the information provided about myself above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. *
The Karno-Ruthenian citizenship is subordinate to the laws of country of origin and international laws and can never be used on official documents or for travels. *
CONFIRMATION: : I, the petioner to Karno-Ruthenian citizenship, recognize this is a privilege and not a right, and declare that all information provided is true to the best of my knowledge. I give consent to the Karno-Ruthenian Government to store this data and declare that I will not use Karno-Ruthenian citizenship for any illegal purpose.
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