Co-op Radio Listener Survey 2019
Dear beloved listeners!

Thank you for supporting Vancouver Co-op Radio.

We hope you will participate in this short survey to help us understand why you choose to support Vancouver Co-op Radio and how we could improve our station.

This survey should take 5 minutes of your time!

Thank you!

Privacy Note: We will use this survey data to inform the choices we make about the content of the radio station and the systems we use to manage it. Outside of our staff, we may share anonymized demographic data with our community partners to give them a fuller picture of who they’re reaching when they partner with Vancouver Co-op Radio. But we promise we’ll never sell this data directly. Feel free to skip any questions you dislike or find intrusive.

What city do you live in?
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How old are you?
What best describes you:
What best describes you:
What is the highest level of school you have completed?
What best describes you:
What best describes you:
What best describes your Household Income?
Have you attended any of the following in the past 12 months?
How Often Do You Attend The Following
Attend Less Than 4 times per year
Attend Between 4 and 6 times per year
Attend Between 6 and 8 times per year
Attend Greater than 8 times per year
Attend Greater than 12 times per year
Attend Greater than 24 times per year
Music - Concerts
Dance - Performances
Theatre - Plays
Cinema - Movies
Art Galleries-Museums
Farmers Markets
Eating at Restaurants
What languages do you speak?
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If you feel comfortable sharing this information, we may qualify for future funding by quantifying our work with diverse community members.
Are you a member of a visible minority? Are you Indigenous, Metis or Inuit? Is there any other demographic information that you would like to share (LGBTQ2S+, racialized, youth, senior, diverseability, disability, etc.)
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