SSAC General (read carefully)

The health and well being of all athletes, coaches and families is our priorty. We will continue to refer to guidelines and protocol provided by the CDC and local health officials in the areas we serve and add some extra precautions of our own.

COVID Compliant – All participants must adhere to the facility guidelines. We will have measures in place to ensure continued safety for both coaches and our athletes.

SSAC will be operating below or at 25% of total capacity at all times.

SSAC will have non-contact infrared body thermometers and will check temperature ramdomly. Anyone who receives a reading above 100.3 degrees will not be allowed to inside the gym or will be asked to leave. SSAC also reserves the right to ask anyone not following the rules or exhibiting symptoms to leave the gym.

- Coaches and players ONLY will be allowed in the gym. NO family members or siblings. Coach might designate 1 parent (only if necessary) to help. Coaches are required to wash hands between each session.
- To help with contatct tracing we must have a registration from everyone walking in the gym for every session. We understand it is not ideal, but this is NECESSARY. Athletes or coaches without a registration for that specific session, will not be allowed in.
- Teams should wait outside until SSAC staff calls them to check in. Stay in your cars or outside practicing social distancing.
- Once a team walks in, we will check if everyone is registered for the event to help with coantact tracing. Please be patient as this process may take a few minutes.
- Everyone should wash their hands upon entering the gym, and after the training sessions.
- Everyone must wear a face cover in the check and lobby area.
- Coaches are encouraged to wear a face cover during practices. Face masks are also recommended for players during any gym activities, but not mandatory.
- SSAC WILL NOT be lending balls during this time.
- No high fives or hugging during practice. Practice social distancing in case coach calls team for a huddle.
- Should coughing, sneezing, or heavy breathing occur we ask you to do so into your shoulder, elbow, or armpit.
-Refrain from touching your face/face mask.
- Coaches should end practices 5 minutes earlier, so team has time to leave before next group comes in, Once practice is over, everyone must wash their hands and LEAVE WITHIN 5 MINUTES. No hanging out or chatting.
- Entrance to the gym is through the front door. Exit is through the East side door.
- The water fountain will be closed so bring your own water. (water only). No gatorade.
- Only a few stalls will be available in the bathrooms to ensure social distancing. Showers will be closed.
- DO NOT bring uncessary things into the gym. NO OUTSIDE FOOD at all.
- Maximum of 16 people per court including coaches.

Athletes and coaches will not be allowed to participate if they or their family members do not comply with our policies.

We would like to keep this process paperless to reduce the potential spread of the virus.

All participants must have the COVID release completed before entering the gym. The form is part of this registration form. There will be no forms to complete at the gym.

Face to face payments are not recommended.

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