NOTE: We kindly request that you complete this survey in its entirety. We would like to update our GCBF mailing list with your current contact information. If you should join the GCBF, the information provided will be used to select our meeting speakers and their discussion topics. The GCBF membership fee includes 10 government contract consultations. Attorneys in the Chicago office of QPWB are also available to provide legal services to the GCBF members at significantly reduced billing rates. All of the information that you provide to us in this survey is confidential.
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Have you ever been a member of the Government Contractors Business Forum (GCBF)?
If yes, please specify how your company has benefitted from its prior participation in the GCBF and/or how the GCBF can be more effective at helping your business to achieve its government contracting goals in 2019/2020.
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The GCBF is a distinguished business group of established government contractors and consultants in different industries who are seeking to increase their market share in the public sector by remaining abreast of current and pending developments in government procurement regulations, policies, legislation, business resources, DBE/MBE/WBE participation requirements and contract opportunities with the City, County, State and federal agencies. Would you like to participate in the 2019 GCBF Program Series?
If you are undecided, what questions do you have about participating in the 2019 GCBF Program Series that we should be prepared to address?
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Information about government contract and/or subcontract opportunities
Receive free government contract consultation (excluding document preparation, legal research and extensive document review)
Information about procurement regulations, policies, legislation and best practices
Information about small, disadvantaged, minority and/or women business programs, including certification eligibility and contract compliance policies
Information about business resources (i.e., loans, technical assistance, business plans)
Information about effective business development, marketing and government relations strategies
Information on labor/employment legal and related business topics
Develop strategic alliances, partnerships, subcontracting and supplier relationships with the GCBF members and clients of QWPB
Develop relationships with high level government officials (appointed and elected)
Receive support from other GCBF members, including: information sharing (i.e., bidding and contract information); business referrals; business relationships; and/or introductions to prospective clients/customers
Availability of quality legal services at discount rates
If you interested in the availability of quality legal services at discount rates, please indicate the areas for which you are interested receiving assistance:
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Please specify additional areas of interest, if any:
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Please specify the government agencies (ie, City, County, State or federal government and indicate the specific department) with which your company is seeking to do significant business in 2019/2020:
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Would you like a free initial legal consultation with Anita Ponder and/or one of her QPWB colleagues?
If yes, please briefly describe the legal matter(s) that you would like to discuss:
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