Spring Sophomore Advisory Evaluation
Please tell us the good, bad, and ugly about our Advisory program at LEC!
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I have benefited from seeing the same Advisor daily for two years.
I know what career I am most interested in.
I know what my first choice college is.
I can name at least one safe school.
I use strategies that can help me succeed in other classes.
I know how to study and I actually study.
I manage my time well.
I read on DEAR days.
I know who to talk to if I'm stressed out or need help with a class.
I understood the purpose of each Advisory assignment.
I felt like I could talk to my Advisor about academics, college and career goals, and life in general
I think our Advisory program makes LEC a better school.
I have a graduation plan that makes sense to me.
I am happy with my graduation plan.
I am progressing, as planned, along my graduation plan.
Tell us about DEAR. Has it helped you read more? If yes, why? If not, what could we do to improve it? *
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Pretend we no longer had DEAR and instead teachers had office hours, missing work rooms, club meetings, and enrichment activities on Mondays and Fridays. Would you like this change? What "enrichment activities" would you like? (life planning, study skills, dealing with stress, science labs, etc) *Start your answer with yes/no and then share your ideas!* *
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Are there any topics you think are missing from the Advisory program? Tell us what they are! *
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We notice that students struggle with Sophomore year. What advice would you give to rising sophomores? What can we as Advisors do to help? *
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Overall, the most helpful parts of Advisory were: *
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Overall, Advisory felt like a waste of time if... *
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Other comments!
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