Commission Request from Crunchy Dom Fam Illustrations
This is the general form to request a commission from Dom . if there's more information you'd like to send and this form isnt cutting it, please email after you finish your form . I contact clients within 2 days .

commission examples can be found at

Commission Request Limitations
What I will Draw: Anthros/ Furries, Ponies, Pokemon, Animals, Mythical Beasts, Pets, Soft Horror [ Candy Gore, Creepy Cute ] Human and Humanoid OCs.

What I WILL NOT Draw: Detailed Gore, Violence, dismemberment, bathroom-related things, vore, anything that's degrading or offensive to a certain person or group of people, machines/ mecca, photo-realism

I will not draw detailed OCs or Pets Without References of some kind. It doesn't have to be a reference sheet but some photos of references for what you want me to draw helps a lot. It saves you from being disappointed with the end product and it saves me from pulling my hair out . This rule is excluded for Reference Sheet Commissions .
Receiving Artwork
All works will be sent to you as a HD file [ 300 DPI ] via email or dropbox link [ your choice] . Digital Works can be re-sized for all your needs and sent with your HD file free of charge. Resizing includes cropping for avatars or for printing purposes. Traditional works will be scanned and color corrected.

Shipping can be negotiated for Traditional Works. I ship anywhere in the World! Shipping prices and Printing are not included in commission price.
Refund Policy
Refund Policy: If I have not started the art at all you can be fully refunded with no trouble. However, if I have started your commission, you will be charged partially for the work i’ve done. This would include any sketching or research .

I reserve the right to refuse commission offers due to time restraint, lack of needed resources from both parties or I feel uncomfortable with what you’re asking from me. Oh, and if you’re an asshole. Dont be an asshole.
Art Rotation
Artwork takes time to do. On top of that, I have a full-time job. If this commission needs to be done by a specific time, please state so. Works with a deadline less than 2 weeks will come with a $25 expedited fee.
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Please place links to reference sheets or artwork here. If you dont have any reference art, please leave as detailed of a description you can. *
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