Fēnix Power's Subscription Survey

We're looking to find out how much customer interest we have in our soon-to-be-launched Certified-Pre-Owned Battery Subscription. Many of you have been waiting for this very affordable battery replacement option, and already have a reservation. It's ok if you do not have a reservation yet, you can still take this survey. Please indicate if you will be signing up for our CPO Subscription battery when we launch it in the next week or two.
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What year is your Leaf?
My Leaf's battery is......
Still like new, I'm planning a road trip!
So bad that I'm afraid I won't make it home from checking my mailbox!
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How many battery "health bars" does you car have?
Will you be purchasing a CPO Subscription Battery?
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If you're going to buy a CPO subscription, how soon?
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Any question you would like answered about our CPO Battery?
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Your input is always appreciated, thank you for taking the time to help us out!
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