Subiocraft Ban Appeal
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Welcome to the SubioCraft Ban Appeal Form
So you have been banned from SubioCraft.... NAUGHTY!!!... or maybe not. If you believe that your ban was wrongfully dished out, now is your chance to appeal the decision. Before you fill this form out, be sure that you are still in good standing with the SubioCraft Terms and Conditions:

Filling out this form does NOT guarantee an unban, merely allows staff to see your side of the story. If you lie at any point your application will immediately be scrapped, and any tempbans may be lengthened or upped to a permanent ban. Hackers WILL NOT be unbanned.
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Discord Username (Ex. ThirtyVirus#7305)
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You can find this information when you try to join the minecraft server.
Why do you feel your ban should be shortened or lifted? *
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