To be filled out by a parent/guardian 請家長或監護人填寫
We are honored that you are entrusting your children to us for this week-long conference. Please take the time to answer the question on this form, as your thoughts on your child are important to us, and will help us better serve your children during this conference. 感謝您的信任,願意讓您的孩子參加這為期一星期的營會。請花點時間回答以下的問題。了解您對孩子的心意對我們來說很重要,可以幫助我們在營會中更好的服務您的孩子。

To fill out this form, you will need your completed payment information. The accurate date time will allow us to match the payment we have received with your application form. 在填寫這表格時,您需要完成付款的資訊。準確的時間可以幫助我們在收到申請表格時,確認已付款成功。

Student's Name 學生姓名 *
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Name of Parent 家長姓名 *
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Relationship with Student 與學生的關係 *
Payment and Transportation 金額及交通 *
For students who sign up before June 6, we can assist in booking group tickets from either the Taipei Train Station or the Kaohsiung Train Station. Past the early registration deadline, students will need to arrange their own transportation to the Hualien Train Station. 6月6日前報名的學生,我們可以協助買台北或高雄到花蓮火車站的來回票。早報名截止日期後,學員必須自己安排到花蓮火車站的交通。
Payment Method 付款方式
郵政劃撥 Postal Remittance
帳號 Account No.: 19289462
戶名 Account Name: 培基文教基金會‬
(請在劃撥單上註明申請人姓名) (please specify the applicant’s name on the form)

銀行匯款 Bank Remittance
銀行 Bank Name: 台灣中小企業銀行 南台北分行 06112006131
戶名 Account Name: 財團法人培基文教基金會
(請在匯款單上註明申請人姓名 ‬(please specify applicant’s name on the form)

Payment Information 付款資訊 *
Payment Date 付款日期 *
E-mail 電子郵件信箱 *
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Phone (Mobile) 行動電話 *
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Phone (Work) 公司電話
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Phone (Home) 家裡電話 *
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1. The Student's Future 學生的未來 *
Based on what you know of your child, what do you think their life will be like in 10 years? What do you think your child will be doing? What challenges do you think they will be facing? 依據您對學生的認識,您認為十年後他會是怎樣的人?他會做些什麼事?會面對怎樣的挑戰?
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2. The Student's Growth 學生的成長 *
At VOICE, our goal is to help each student grow in three different areas: to become closer to God, to become more confident in English, and to become more Christ-like in their character. What are your child's strengths in these three areas? In what ways would you like your child to improve? 在 VOICE 營會中,我們希望幫助每個學生在三方面成長:更親近神、對英文更有自信、在生命中更像基督。您的孩子在這三方面有哪些長處?需要在哪些地方成長?
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3. Other Comments 備註
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Character Commitment 品格委身 *
I have read and agree with all of the Character Commitments ( and support VOICE in its effort to provide the best possible learning environment for every student. 我已閱讀並同意營會對於品格的委身 (,並會盡力支持 VOICE 來提供給每位學生最好的學習環境。
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