Parent Choice of Instruction and Remote Instruction Contract- Only to be completed by families already enrolled at NDS.
It is hard to believe that summer is winding down and we are making plans at New Dimensions to
hopefully welcome our students back to school on September 1. One of the most pressing questions we
are all asking is “will we come back to school in the fall and if we do, what will school look like?”
Everyone realizes that the 2020-2021 school year at New Dimensions will look a little different than
what it did in past years. The most significant adjustment will be the opportunity for parents to choose
between face to face instruction and remote instruction. This hybrid model will allow families to select
which method best serves the needs of their family.

We currently know that all schools in North Carolina had to develop 3 plans for possible
 A-minimal social distancing
 B-moderate social distancing
 C-complete remote learning

The New Dimensions Reopening Task Force has worked hard this summer to develop the most
appropriate and safest plans for our Warrior families. New Dimensions will follow the Governor's order and will open under Plan B.

1) Plan B - Moderate Social Distancing

a) New Dimensions is fortunate that the size of our classrooms in conjunction with our reduced
class size in grades K-5 (1:16) will allow us to operate at 50% capacity and still accommodate
all students who are currently projected to be enrolled. This, along with additional guidelines,
allows us to fully comply with plan 1 or plan 2 recommended by the Governor’s Office.

b) For the 2020-2021 school year, parents may choose between face to face instruction and remote
instruction. This hybrid model will allow families to select which method best serves the needs
of their family. We understand that our school policies must be flexible, practical, feasible and
appropriate. The hybrid instruction model at New Dimensions will provide for the following:
i) Students would follow along with the teacher during classroom instruction. Students would
get breaks and specials with students who are physically in the class.
ii) Students would be in the class but virtually.
iii) Attendance will be counted remotely just as it would in a seated class.
iv) Assignments will be provided and returned in Google Classroom (Grades 2-8) or Seesaw
(Grades K-1).
v) During independent work, students will be able to ask questions when necessary.
vi) All effort will be made to limit screen time.

c) To make our school as safe as possible for students, staff and guests the following guidelines
will be implemented:
i) At this time, face masks will be required for all staff and middle school students when
social distancing can’t be practiced. Face masks will be optional for elementary students.
ii) Students and staff will have temperature checks when entering the school as well as
having each student/parent review the symptoms checklist daily through our mobile drop
off/pick up app. (Students with a fever over 100.4 o and/or who have Covid type
symptoms will be referred to the school nurse for evaluation in a dedicated space.
Students will also be encouraged to self-identify during the school day.)
iii) All symptomatic students will remain under the visual supervision of a staff member who
is at least 6 feet away. Both the student and staff member will be required to wear a face
iv) Parents will be encouraged to keep their child(ren) at home if they are ill.
v) If a staff member or student tests positive for Covid 19, News Dimensions will follow
the guidelines established by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human
Services. The current advice is for those in contact with the person to get tested and
quarantine for 14 days if they were within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes
vi) No child or staff member will be excluded from the school building or from remote
learning unless required to do so in order to adhere to local public health mandates or
because of unique medical needs.
vii) Plans will be in place to strategically place vulnerable populations away or distanced
from others.
viii) Visitors and guests will be screened and a special area for guests to eat with students will
be designated.
ix) Students will go to the cafeteria with only their grade level to have lunch.
x) All food will be prepackaged for individual students.
xi) Students will go to recess by class. Classes will rotate between the athletic field,
blacktop, and playground.
xii) Special classes will be offered to individual cohort classes.
xiii) Outdoor spaces will be utilized when feasible and possible.
xiv) Each classroom will have a touchless thermometer as well as the receptionist area and
student entry areas.
xv) Students will stay in their cohort group during the school day and teachers will rotate
classes instead of the students.
xvi) Students will be in hallways, one class at a time if at all possible.
xvii) Frequent hand washing will be encouraged throughout the school day, especially before
lunch, when going to the rest room, or at other times students leave the classroom.
xviii) Hand sanitizer will be available inside and outside each classroom as well as throughout
the school building.
xix) Adequate supplies will be available to assign individual students their own set of needed
supplies and manipulatives.
xx) New Dimensions will discourage the sharing of any soft or other items that cannot be
easily cleaned and disinfected. (e.g., stuffed animals, toys, clay, etc.)
xxi) The New Dimensions will provide training for all faculty and staff to disseminate Covid-
19 information and to combat misinformation.
xxii) Faculty and staff will also receive training on how best to meet the social/emotional
needs of our students along with how to best talk to and support each student during and
after the Pandemic. (Students requiring mental health support will be referred to the
appropriate agency.)
xxiii) Continuous communication will be provided to all staff, parents and students.
xxiv) As always, the faculty and staff of New Dimensions will set a good example for students
by modeling behaviors around physical distancing, face coverings and hand hygiene.

d) The following changes will be made to the school building and classrooms:
i) A special disinfecting and sanitizing system will be applied before students and staff
return to school.
ii) Our custodial staff will continue to frequently clean with an approved cleaner. Our
cleaners meet the requirements of the NCDHHS. High touch/high traffic areas will be
cleaned more often.
iii) Touchless water dispensers to fill individual water bottles have been installed.
iv) Individual desks have been purchased so social distancing can be practiced in the
v) Floor decals for social distancing will be utilized in hallways, cafeterias, restrooms, where
students congregate and in the reception area.
vi) Signage will be posted throughout the school building explaining the spread of Covid 19,
what are the symptoms of Covid 19, how to wash hands, the 3 W’s (Wear, Wait, and
Wash) and requesting individuals with Covid symptoms not to enter the building.
vii) Plexiglas barriers will be installed on the sink areas in the restrooms, at the receptionist’s
area and other locations where the installation could mitigate transmission of the virus.
viii) Inside doors will remain open whenever possible to prevent door handles being used.
ix) The ventilation system at New Dimensions will be cleaned, disinfected and sanitized on a
consistent schedule.

e) Before and After School Care will be provided with the same guidelines and restrictions that are
followed during the school day.

This plan is subject to change. If the executive order is changed and New Dimensions has to move to Plan C- Complete Remote Instruction, then the approved New Dimensions Remote Plan will be followed.

Currently, we are asking our families to make a choice between face to face instruction and remote
instruction. Please read the following information concerning expectations for remote instruction and
complete the form indicating your choice by Friday, August 14 at 5 p.m.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this document. It's important to fill out all sections of the document even if you choose face to face instruction.


David Burleson
After careful consideration, our family plans to participate in the following instructional model: *
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