Questionnaire for Students
This questionnaire is to know your opinion about some aspects of the work with collaborative groups in Secondary schools. It's very short and anonymous so please, answer it sincerely. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
1. Country *
2. Gender *
3. Age *
4. Have you worked in group with other students in your secondary school? *
5. Do you prefer work in groups? *
6. The organization of the subjects in secondary school, are adequate to promote group work? *
7. Do you think that it may be necessary any people (teacher assistant or technical staff) to help your teacher when you are working in groups? *
8. Are there flexible furniture/equipment in your classroom in order to implement activities in groups? *
9. Is the school building adequate to promote activities in groups? *
10. Do you think that your teachers have enough skills to implement group work in an attractive and effective way? *
11. Have you got enough skills to work in groups? *
12. Do you think that your parents have to support and be involved in group-work experiences at your school? *
13. And your classmates? Do they have enough skills to develop work in groups?
14. Do you think that you learn better with activities done in groups? *
15. Do you think that group work prevent students from dropping out? *
16. Who are the key players to promote the method of group work in secondary schools (choose up to three):
17. Choose a maximum of three factors which may promote the development of good group work activities in secondary schools: *
18. Choose a maximum of three factors which may hinder the implementation of group work activities in the context of secondary education: *
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