Events Industry Sexual Harassment Task Force Pledge
The Association for Women in Events (AWE), a not-for-profit organization supporting gender equality and diversity in the events industry, has joined forces with several industry leaders to combat sexual harassment. The task force, comprised of leaders and executives from ASAE, AWE, EIC, IMEX, JMIC, MPI, PCMA and SITE, was formed to gather everyone behind a common goal: eradicate sexual harassment in the events industry. Each of these groups have been addressing sexual harassment separately and determined that this issue required policies that span beyond the confines of each individual organization.

The task force recognizes that when it comes to these ethical concerns and human rights, we are #StrongerTogether. Taking the pledge below represents your commitment and support in our shared mission of eradicating sexual harassment in the events and meeting industry.

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By taking the pledge, you are free to use any of the Task Force graphics. View and download the graphics here:
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