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Role description: The Remote Learning Supervisor position is intended to provide support for elementary and middle school students as they navigate the development of remote learning. This position is for a tutor who enjoys and is comfortable working with younger students and is willing to commit to at least two full weekdays a week of work. You will oversee and aid students as they take their virtual classes from home; You will be expected to guide them in their classwork, answer questions, and make the material as fun and engaging as possible. Think of yourself as an assistant teacher in their home classroom!

Hours requested usually are within the range of 8:30- 3 PM. 4-8 hours of work can be expected per day, most likely 2-3 days a week depending on individual needs. If the child is below the age of 13, the parent is expected to provide childcare (i.e. a parent or babysitter is present). The hourly rate for this position is $25/hour from which tutors will be making $20/hour. This rate was decided considering that there is less preparation involved compared to a normal tutoring job in terms of creating content because materials and partial instruction (via Zoom/video) will be provided by the child’s remote school. You may not be actively tutoring for the full 4-8 hours. It additionally serves as a discount for parents who need more hours and can’t commit to a higher rate.
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