St. John Fisher Church Small Church Communities (SCC)
All are invited to attend the Small Church Community (hereafter as SCC) gatherings in an effort to grow, learn, share, and serve Christ in our Community at St. John Fisher and in the lives of those we encounter at SCC. A Small Church Community will consist of 5 - 8 people/couples in one group. A person's relationship with Christ is the source and final goal of all the sharing and community building in a SCC.

Please fill out this survey of questions that help identify your expectations, needs, and basic information. Pastoral staff from the parish will be providing guidance and oversight to all our facilitators of Small Church Communities. The Facilitators in turn schedule meetings and facilitate conversations in the SCC. Over the summer, the hope is to begin such meetings and increasing them in the fall of 2018, so the work is in process.

The pastoral staff at St. John Fisher will be doing the best from the answers you give in the survey to form healthy and constructive groups. Fr. David Doseck and some pastoral staff will be monitoring, visiting, and guiding the groups periodically throughout their existence to ensure that all of the attendees' expectations and desires are being engaged in the SCC. Our respective contact information will be included in the concluding message after you complete this online form.

Thank you for completing this form and providing vital information that will help us begin this Small Church Community movement at St. John Fisher Church. The hope is to continue to pass on the faith, to keep our parish thriving, and to welcome all into a deeper relationship with each other and the Lord Jesus Christ.

With gratitude,
Fr. David Doseck

Parochial Vicar at St. John Fisher & St. Veronica Pastoral Region

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Hosting a Small Community for Christ
The host for the meeting with others typically involves providing or arranging the location to meet. Whether in their home or in a room reserved via the St. John Fisher Parish Office, having a host for each meeting is crucial to future meetings and sharing responsibilities evenly among others. Often, the host arranges snacks and/or drinks for the meeting.
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