CVHS 2021-22 Parking Rules and Registration
Before registering for parking, please read the following:

1. Before being issued your parking pass you will need to complete this form and pay the $10 parking fee at the Business Office. Parking passes will be available for pickup in the Business Office.

2. Students are permitted to park only in the main front parking lot of the school and the lower parking lot by the tennis courts. Both parking areas are accessible by entering the campus at the light on 8th and Sullivan.

3. Student parking is not permitted along fire lanes, in designated handicapped spots, in visitor parking or in the south parking lot. Students parking in these restricted areas may lose their parking privileges.

4. The parking lot is off-limits to students during the school day.

5. The speed limit on the CVHS campus is five (5) miles per hour. This will be strictly enforced. Consequences for speeding, negligent or reckless driving, or any moving violations may result in the loss of parking privileges.

6. All vehicle/pedestrian accidents must be reported immediately to the School Resource Officer or a CVHS Administrator.

7. Proof of a valid driver’s license and current insurance are required to receive a parking tag.

8. Central Valley High School (CVHS) and the Central Valley School District (CVSD) assumes no responsibility for vehicles that are damaged or stolen, or for items inside a vehicle that may be damaged or stolen. Washington State law requires that you must have auto insurance to operate a motor vehicle.
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For Parent/Guardian only if student is under the age of 18: By typing my name below, I acknowledge that I read and understand the CVHS 2021-22 Parking Rules and Registration.
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