Game/Playful Installation Submission - A MAZE. / Johannesburg 2017
Games and playful installations submitted will be considered to form part of the exhibition of the A MAZE. / Johannesburg 2017 - 6th International Games and Playful Media Festival, running from the 13-16th September, 2017!

Please submit all your weirdest; most playful; and strangest ideas! Submit your color sucking vacuum cleaners; your haphazard giraffe sports games; your cat high-five simulators! We're interested in experimental and subversive work, but all playful projects will be considered.

Open to both international and African submissions! Student projects are also welcome!

Please note - this is a submission only! Not all submissions will be displayed or curated as part of the final exhibition!

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS JULY 7th, 2017, 11:59PM Central African Time (CAT)

Festival website 2017: (update soon)

For any inquiries, contact &

Game Title
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Game Description
Describe your work! What makes it interesting; what makes it silly; what makes it something people want to engage with?
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Country of origin
Where is the development team from?
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Link to video and/or screenshots of work
A zipped bundle of video/images is good, but a link to images/video on the web is great too.
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Link to GIF of game for sharing online
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Link to Game Bundle
In the bundle: include a build of the game (Windows/Web/ please) :). Print and play/rule set for analogue games! Screenshots as well! Basically, include everything we need to play and consider the game :) This can be a link to a store page (Steam;; etc.)
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Storefront codes
If you've linked to a storefront above, please supply 3 or more codes
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Special Requirements
Does the game need any special hardware/ installation / setup to play? (I.E.: doesn't run with just a computer / works with provided game bits)
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Platform/Medium of Work
PC; Android; Installation; Analogue; Boardgame; VR; Cat-mounted etc.
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Development Team
Group/Company/Individuals' names
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Name of Submitter
So we know who to contact!
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Email of Submitter
So we know how to contact you!
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