Digital Work Collection
This form is a sample of one a teacher might create to collect digital work from students. Students would create work, fill out the form, paste in the URL, and then teachers could navigate to the content digitally.
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Remember, use the exact assignment name that your teacher provided on the Web page.
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After you have navigated to your online content, copy and paste the "share with anyone with the link" URL into the blank provided. *
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If your online content also has an embed code for sharing your presentation, please copy and paste it in the blank provided.
In some cases, your teacher may want to post a presentation or two onto a Web page.
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Please share any notes, descriptions, hopes, or concerns that you have as a student in the space provided below.
If you need to share something to help your audience appreciate your work more fully, here's your chance! Also, enter the names of your collaborators here if you worked in a group.
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