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2018-2019 GRACE Unlimited Registration Form

Grace Unlimited is an after-school program, for students in 2nd - 6th grade

Grace Unlimited is held on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15pm - 5:00pm at Christ Lutheran Church per the 2018-2019 Grace Unlimited schedule. Bussing is provided for all GSL students from the school to Christ Lutheran Church.

Students do not need to be members of CLC to attend GRACE Unlimited.

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The student will be riding the GSL - GRACE Unlimited bus to CLC.
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The student has the parents permission to walk from school to CLC. If the student does not have permission and they do not take the bus the parents will be notified.
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Christ Lutheran Church would like to occasionally use photos and video of the Grace Unlimited students to promote the Grace Unlimited program. Uses might include a bulletin board display, church newsletter, church website, church Facebook page, press releases, event specific videos, etc. No names will be used on any of the displays or posts. I/We give CLC permission to include my student in photos which might be used for informational or promotional purposes for the 2018-2019 GRACE Unlimited school year.
I/We would be willing to help support the GRACE Unlimited program and student in the following ways:
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