Tribal Professional Network
We are in process of establishing online data base of Tribal professionals, Kindly update your details and forward in your friend circle.

About Tribal Professional Data Base
Purpose :
To establish knowledge sharing pool for tribal empowerment activities by connecting tribal professionals

Method :
1) Collection of Data base of Tribal Professionals
2) Establishing profession wise Groups
3) Establishing Information sharing Mechanism (Active debate, brainstorming, Strategy planing & Core groups)
4) Periodical events with strategic Planning (Online/Offline)
5) Encouraging Working professionals/Employees/Entrepreneurs/Professionals/Students for tribal Empowerment activities in all possible ways

Benefits :
- Social Responsibility awareness in tribal professionals
- Bridging gap between professionals & students for competency enhancement
- Utilizing constructive & collective potential for social awareness activities

Share with your friends to establish tribal professional contact database Thanks & regards AYUSHonline team

Note : Personal Details provided here will not publish to public website
Your suggestions are welcome at

Best Regards
AYUSHonline Team

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