Letter to University of Chicago Administration Concerning Changes to U.S. Immigration Policy
NOTE: This letter was sent to the Provost and the President on 12/1, with 386 faculty signatures. We now invite all members of the University of Chicago community to add their signatures in support of the letter and the policies it proposes.

“From time to time instances will arise in which the society, or segments of it, threaten the very mission of the university and its values of free inquiry. In such a crisis, it becomes the obligation of the university as an institution to oppose such measures and actively to defend its interests and its values.”
—Report on the University’s Role in Social and Political Action, the Kalven Committee, November 11, 1967

Dear Provost Diermeier and President Zimmer,

We, the undersigned faculty, write you to offer concrete proposals toward fulfilling your and the University’s stated commitment to our undocumented students. We are alarmed by President-elect Donald Trump’s declared intention to implement policies that threaten the civil rights and well-being of members of our community. We believe that the University has a clear responsibility in these urgent circumstances. As one of the country’s premier research universities with a large and diverse student body, and with a history of offering support and refuge to members of persecuted minority groups, we hope that the University of Chicago can take a leading role in opposing the measures promised by President-elect Donald Trump and actively defend this institution’s core interests and values.

While we applaud the measures you have committed to in your email of November 18, and while we were heartened to hear that President Zimmer has joined more than 350 other university presidents in protest of potential changes to DACA, we call upon the University to be proactive in opposing President-elect Trump’s proposed immigration policies and countering their potential effects on this campus community. We believe it is necessary to take concrete steps in order to live up to the administration’s recent efforts to assess and improve the campus climate with respect to issues of difference, diversity, and discrimination.

As you know, President-elect Trump has said he will cancel DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which President Obama issued as an Executive Order in 2012. DACA gives provisional relief from deportation to undocumented persons who arrived as children in the US after 1981, affording them work authorization, and allowing them to apply for Social Security numbers, bank accounts, and driver’s licenses. If President Trump cancels DACA, he will strip members of our community of these protections. They will lose fellowships and stipends, their jobs and their right to work, and they and their families will be at risk of deportation.

The psychological and social toll of these xenophobic policy proposals is already being felt campus-wide. The impending changes to immigration policy, together with the political and institutional legitimation of bigotry following the election of Donald Trump, has fostered a climate of uncertainty, fear, and distress in our community. Indeed, at a November 14 press conference with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the President of Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital described Trump’s immigration policies as provoking “a public health crisis,” and cited a 200% increase in calls to mental health hotlines in the state of Illinois.

Affected students at this institution have alerted us to the immediate financial, legal, and emotional pressures they face. These conversations inform the following points, which we request the University address before the presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017:

Financial Support
• As you note in your November 18th letter, “the University uses private funds to meet the full demonstrated financial needs of undocumented students in the College.” We call on the administration to affirm its commitment to continuing this policy if DACA is cancelled, and to re-calculate students’ financial need if they lose work authorization.
• Students have brought to our attention that this policy of providing private funds does not currently uniformly cover students in graduate and professional programs. We were glad to see your commitment to “raising more private funds for financial aid to assist international and undocumented students in the College and throughout the University.” However, we request that you go a step further and guarantee the full cost of attendance (including health coverage) for affected students at all levels of study and across the divisions and units of the University.
• In the event of DACA cancellation, we ask that the University provide loan forgiveness for students whose immigration status—and therefore work authorization—has been altered.

Legal Services
• We request that the University ensure that undocumented and international students and staff, including staff employed through subcontractors (security, custodial, food services), have access to immigration counsel. These legal services should be provided at no cost to students or staff through partnerships with law firms or nonprofit legal services providers. The legal services should include comprehensive screening, counseling and representation, and should be provided off-campus in order to ensure confidentiality. We ask that these resources also be available to the family members of students and staff.
• The University must refuse all requests for cooperation on immigration enforcement actions undertaken by ICE and CBP. The University must reject all information-sharing requests from ICE and CBP, and refuse their representatives access to University property for the purpose of immigration enforcement actions to the fullest extent permitted by the law. The University should state publicly its intention to decline all requests for voluntary cooperation by ICE and CBP.
• The University must unequivocally prohibit UCPD from querying or documenting any individual’s immigration status; enforcing or attempting to enforce immigration laws; or engaging in joint enforcement actions with ICE/CPB. The University should communicate this policy to students, staff and the community.
• The administration is uniquely able to communicate with the entire campus community: therefore it is incumbent upon it to disseminate information to all students, staff and faculty about basic rights and constitutional protections afforded all persons, regardless of immigration status (e.g. training sessions, “know-your-rights” cards, online resources).

Campus Climate and Mental Health
• Campus mental health services are overburdened, and overlong wait times for counseling are only likely to increase given the potential mental health consequences of the current political environment. We request an increase in the number of counselors to support undocumented students and students protected by DACA, as well as other students in need of services. We also request that the hours of operation of the counseling center be expanded to better accommodate schedules.
• We request that the administration provide training for staff members, in order to promote better understanding of current student concerns and anxiety, and to provide culturally sensitive therapy, including for individuals who hold more than one marginalized identity (LGBTQ, Muslim, and undocumented etc.). Specifically, staff members should:
*have an understanding of and competently address concerns related to racial profiling and hate crimes, including information about where to report such activity;
*be knowledgeable about basic immigration law and policy changes, and be skilled at providing appropriate referrals when information is lacking;
*be knowledgeable about the material consequences that individuals are fearful of, including detention and deportation, lost employment and earnings, and economic insecurity;
*be prepared to treat the mental health consequences that may affect students who are uncertain of their and their loved ones’ status and future in the current climate.

At the present moment, silence, indifference and inaction with respect to federal immigration policy represent a pronounced political position that contradicts the University of Chicago’s previously articulated principles as an institution. In his August 26, 2016 op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, for instance, President Zimmer wrote that “the purpose of a university education is to provide the critical pathway by which students can fulfill their potential, change the trajectory of their families, and build healthier and more inclusive societies.” The fulfillment of this purpose is currently under severe threat, and we reiterate the need for the administration to act swiftly, concretely and deliberately in response to the points outlined in this letter. We request that this process be conducted transparently and in consultation with the University community.


1. Denis Hirschfeldt, Professor, Mathematics
2. Na'ama Rokem, Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
3. Susan R. Gzesh, Senior Lecturer & Executive Director, Pozen Family Center for Human Rights
4. Sonali Thakkar, Assistant Professor, English
5. Zach Samalin, Assistant Professor, English
6. Adom Getachew, Neubauer Assistant Professor, Political Science
7. Julia Henly, Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration
8. Demetra Kasimis, Assistant Professor, Political Science
9. Alida Bouris, Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration
10. Edgar Garcia, Neubauer Assistant Professor, English
11. Julie Orlemanski, Assistant Professor, English
12. Jessica H. Darrow, Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration
13. Kenneth W. Warren, Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor, English
14. Bruce Lincoln, Caroline E. Haskell Distinguished Service Professor, History of Religions
15. Loren Kruger, English, Comparative Literature, African Studies
16. Mark Philip Bradley, Bernadotte E. Schmitt Professor, History
17. Amy Dru Stanley, Associate Professor, History and the Law School
18. Josef Stern, William H. Colvin Professor, Philosophy (Emeritus)
19. Aaron Turkewitz, Professor, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
20. Elaine Hadley, Professor, English
21. Paola Iovene, Associate Professor, EALC
22. Adrian Johns, Maclear Professor, History
23. Douglas Bishop/Professor/Radiation and Cellular Oncology
24. C M Naim, Professor Emeritus, SALC
25. Stephan Palmie, Professor, Anthropology
26. Jennifer Cole, Department of Comparative Human Development
27. Martha Feldman, Mabel Greene Myers Professor, Music
28. Trevor Price, Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution
29. Michael C. Dawson, John D. MacArthur Distinguished Service Professor, Political Science
30. David E. Orlinsky, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Comparative Human Development
31. Salikoko S. Mufwene, The Frank J. McLoraine Distinguished Service Professor of Linguistics and the College
32. Jennifer Pitts, Associate Professor, Political Science
33. Yali Amit, Professor, Statistics
34. Emilio Kourí, Professor, History
35. William Mazzarella, Professor, Department of Anthropology
36. John P. McCormick, Professor, Political Science
37. Petra Goedegebuure, Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
38. Gary Herrigel, Paul Klapper Professor in the College and the Division of Social Sciences
39. Patchen Markell, Associate Professor, Political Science
40. Adrienne Brown, Assistant Professor, English
41. Michael Geyer Professor Emeritus, History
42. Michael Rossi, Assistant Professor, History
43. Constantine V. Nakassis, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology
44. W. Clark Gilpin, Burton Professor Emeritus, Divinity School
45. Miguel Martinez, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
46. Mario Santana, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
47. Travis A. Jackson, Associate Professor, Music
48. Mauricio Tenorio/ Samuel N. Harpers Professor of History
49. Leora Auslander, Joann and Arthur Rasmussen Professor, in the College and History
50. Cornell H. Fleischer, Kanuni Suleyman Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, History, and The College
51. Chad Broughton, Senior Lecturer, Public Policy Studies
52. Summerson Carr, Associate Professor, SSA
53. Robert L. Kendrick, Professor, Music
54. Hussein Ali Agrama, Associate Professor, Anthropology
55. Elena Bashir, Senior Lecturer, SALC
56. William Tait, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy
57. Jonathan Levy, Professor, History
58. Daniel Morgan, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies
59. Kenneth Pomeranz, University Professor History and EALC
60. Chiara Cordelli, Assistant Professor, Political Science
61. Nicole P. Marwell, Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration
62. François Richard, Associate Professor, Anthropology
63. Johanna Ransmeier, Assistant Professor, History
64. Matthew M. Briones, Associate Professor, History
65. Stanley McCracken, Lecturer, SSA
66. Marshall Sahlins/ Charles F. Gray Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus
67. Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor, Sociology
68. Hakan Karateke, Professor, NELC
69. Alireza Doostdar, Assistant Professor, Divinity School and the College
70. Jessica Stockholder / Professor, DoVA
71. Larissa Brewer-García, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
72. Marci Ybarra, Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration
73. william pope.l, associate professor, DoVA
74. William Sewell, Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and History, Emeritus
75. Lauren Berlant, Professor, English
76. William Sites, Associate Professor, SSA
77. Patrick Jagoda, Associate Professor, English and Cinema & Media Studies
78. Eric Santner, Philip and Ida Romberg Distinguished Service Professor of Germanic Studies
79. Susan Gal, Metzl Distinguished Service Professor, Anthropology/Linguistics
80. Brodwyn Fischer, Professor, History
81. Clifton Ragsdale, Professor, Neurobiology
82. Matam P. Murthy, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
83. Dain Borges, Associate Professor, History
84. Joseph Masco, Professor, Anthropology
85. Daniel Brudney, Professor of Philosophy
86. Willemien Otten, Professor, Divinity School and the College
87. Rachel Galvin, Assistant Professor, English
88. Richard Neer, William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor, Art History, Cinema & Media Studies and the College
89. Moishe Postone, Professor, History/College
90. Kathleen Morrison, Neukom Family Professor, Anthropology
91. Christopher Taylor, Assistant Professor, English
92. Jonathan M. Hall, Phyllis F. Horton Distinguished Service Professor in the Humanities, History and Classics
93. Leah Feldman, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature
94. Whitney Cox, Associate Professor, SALC
95. Faith Hillis, Assistant Professor, History
96. Rebecca West, William R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Service Professor Emerita, Romance and Cinema and Media Studies
97. Jason Grunebaum, Senior Lecturer, SALC
98. Maud Ellmann, Randy L. and Melvin R. Berlin Professor of the Development of the Novel in English, English
99. Janet H. Johnson, Hull Distinguished Service Professor, Oriental Institute, Department of Near Eastern Language and Civilizations, and Department of Classics
100. Nancy D. Munn, Professor Emerita, Dept. of Anthropology
101. Michael Bourdaghs/Professor/East Asian Languages and Civilizations
102. Bozena Shallcross, Professor, Slavic Langs and Lits
103. Alison James, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
104. Cathy Cohen, David and Mary Winton Green Professor, Political Science
105. Ralph A. Austen, Emeritus Professor of History
106. Boris Rodin Maslov, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
107. Ana Lima, Senior Lecturer, RLL
108. Linda Zerilli, Charles E. Merriam Professor, Political Science and CSGS
109. John Wilkinson, Professor, English
110. Anna Di Rienzo, Professor, Human Genetics
111. Catherine Sullivan, Associate Professor, Department of Visual Arts
112. Darcy Lear, Lecturer, Romance Languages and Literatures
113. Benjamin Glick, Professor, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
114. Laura Letinsky, Department of Visual Arts
115. Sarah Nooter, Associate Professor, Classics
116. Itamar Francez, Assistant Professor, Linguistics
117. Amaia Gabantxo, Lecturer, Creative Writing
118. Curtis McMillen, Professor, SSA
119. W. J. T. Mitchell, Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor, English Department
120. James Chandler, Barbara and Richard Franke Professor, English/CMS
121. Jan Goldstein, Norman and Edna Freehling Professor, History
122. Joshua Scodel, Helen A. Regenstein Professor, Departments of English and Comparative Literature
123. Tahera Qutbuddin, Associate Professor, NELC
124. Xin He, Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
125. Mark Abney, Research Associate(Associate Professor), Department of Human Genetics
126. Shannon Lee Dawdy, Associate Professor, Anthropology
127. Lisa Wedeen, Mary R. Morton Professor of Political Science and the College
128. Marcelo Nobrega, Professor, Dept of Human Genetics
129. Srikanth Reddy, Associate Professor, English
130. Jacob Eyferth, EALC and History
131. Elizabeth Grove, Professor, Neurobiology
132. Laura Gandolfi, Assistant professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
133. Vincent J. Lynch, Assistant Professor, Human Genetics and Organismal Biology & Anatomy
134. George Wu, John P. and Lillian A. Gould Professor of Behavioral Science, Booth School of Business
135. Heather Keenleyside, Assistant Professor, English
136. Howard Stein, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Philosophy and Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science
137. Jessica Baker, Assistant Professor, Music
138. Daniel Johnson Professor of Pediatrics BSD
139. Michael Dietler, Professor, Anthropology
140. William Schweiker, Edward L. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor, The Divinity School
141. Nadine Moeller Associate Professor NELC
142. Melvin Rothenberg, Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
143. Janet Sedlar, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Spanish, University of Chicago
144. Timothy Campbell, Associate Professor, English
145. Darryl Li, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
146. Robert Chaskin, Professor, University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration
147. Boaz Keysar, Professor, Psychology
148. Jennifer Mosley, Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration
149. Daniela del Gaudio, Associate Professor Human Genetics
150. Ulrike Stark, Professor, SALC
151. Jason Merchant, Lorna P. Straus Professor, Linguistics
152. Joseph Thornton, Professor, Human Genetics and Ecology & Evolution,
153. Ada Holly Shissler, Associate Professor, NELC, University of Chicago
154. William Borden, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration
155. Angela S. García, assistant professor, School of Social Service Administration
156. Steven Collins, Chester D. Chester D. Tripp Professor in the Humanities, SALC
157. Anna Seastrand, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Humanities
158. Pablo Maurette, Harper Schmidt Fellow in the Humanities
159. Anastasia Giannakidou, Professor, Linguistics
160. David Simon, Assistant Professor, English
161. Kareem Rabie, Harper-Schmidt Fellow and Collegiate Assistant Professor, The College
162. Joshua Craze, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, Society of Fellows
163. Kathleen Belew, Assistant Professor, History
164. Joel Snyder, Professor, Department of Art History
165. David Egan, Harper-Schmidt Fellow and Collegiate Assistant Professor, Division of the Humanities
166. Forrest Stuart, Assistant Professor, Sociology
167. Alan L. Kolata, Bernard E. and Ellen C. Sunny Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Anthropology
168. Aaron Benanav, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences
169. Tatsiana Zhurauliova, Harper-Schmidt Fellow, Society of Fellows
170. Norma Field, Ingersoll Distinguished Service Professor, Emerita, EALC
171. Ramón Gutiérrez, Preston and Sterling Morton Distinguished Service Professor, History Department
172. Allyson Nadia Field, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies
173. John Muse, Assistant Professor, English
174. John E. Woods, Professor, History and NELC
175. E. Annamalai, Visiting Professor, SALC
176. Soma Das, Professor, Human Genetics
177. Tyler Williams, Assistant Professor, SALC
179. Rochona Majumdar, Associate Professor, SALC/ CMS
180. Angie Heo, Assistant Professor, Divinity School
181. Gerald N Rosenberg, Associate Professor, Political Science, Lecturer, Law School
182. Deborah Nelson, Associate Professor, Department of English
183. Mareike Winchell, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
184. Nadine Chan, Harper Schmidt Fellow, Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts
185. Armando Maggi, Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
186. Françoise Meltzer, Edward Carson Waller Distinguished Service Professor in the Humanities, Professor in the Divinity School and the College, and Chair of Comparative Literature
187. Godfrey Getz, Donald N Pritzker Distinguished Service Professor, Pathology (Emeritus)
188. Mark Miller/Associate Professor/English
189. Mark Courtney, Professor, School of Social Service Administration
190. Tara Zahra, Professor, History
191. James Lastra/Associate Professor/ Cinema and Media Studies
192. Dan Arnold, Associate Professor, Divinity School
193. Eve L. Ewing, Provost's Postdoctoral Scholar, School of Social Service Administration
194. Thomas C. Holt, James Westfall Distinguished Professor, History Department
195. Beth-Anne Jacob, Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration
196. Fred M. Donner, Professor, NELC and The Oriental Institute
197. Lawrence Rothfield, Associate Professor/English and Comparative Literature
198. Martha Ward, Associate Professor, Department of Art History
199. Elizabeth Helsinger, John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor Emerita
200. Timothy Harrison, Assistant Professor, Department of English
201. Michael LaBarbera, Emeritus Professor, Organismal Biology & Anatomy
202. Paul Mendes-Flohr, Divinity School
203. Judith Farquhar, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Anthropology
204. Charles Payne, Professor, SSA
205. Lucia B. Rothman-Denes, A. J. Carlson Professor, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
206. William C. Wimsatt, Peter B. Ritzma emeritus Professor of Philosophy
207. Richard Strier, Sulzberger Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
208. Yanilda González, Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration
209. Anton Ford, Associate Professor, Philosophy
210. Madhav Nori, Professor, Mathematics
211. Jeanne C. Marsh, George Herbert Jones Distinguished Service Professor
212. Mindy A. Schwartz, Professor, Medicine
213. Samuel Refetoff, Professor of Medicine
214. Kristine A. Culp, Associate Professor, Divinity School
215. Barbara S. Kirschner, Professor Emerita, Dept. of Pediatrics
216. Katherine Taylor, Associate Professor, Art History
217. Philip A. Verhoef, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, BSD
218. James Fernandez, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
219. Daisy Delogu, Professor, Dept. of Romance Languages & Literatures
220. Deborah Gorman-Smith, Emily Klein Gidwitz Professor, SSA
221. Karlos Arregi, Associate Professor, Linguistics
222. Waldo E. Johnson, Jr., Associate Professor, SSA
223. Amy Dahlstrom, Associate Professor, Linguistics
224. Micere Keels, Associate Professor, Comparative Human Development
225. Hilary Strang, Lecturer, English/MAPH
226. David T. Rubin, MD, Joseph B. Kirsner Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine
227. Maria Anna Mariani, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
228. Michael Silverstein, Charles F. Grey Distinguished Service Professor, Departments of Anthropology, Linguistics, and Psychology
229. Florian Klinger, Associate Professor, Germanic Studies
230. Alan Yu, Professor, Department of Linguistics
231. Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Professor Emerita, Anthropology
232. Justin Steinberg, Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
233. John Hart, M.D., Professor, Department of Pathology, Basic Sciences Division
234. Dipesh Chakrabarty, Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor of History, South Asian Languages and Civilizations
235. Scott J. Hunter, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, and Pediatrics
236. Kyeong-Hee Choi, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages & Civilizations
237. Marco Garrido, Assistant Professor, Sociology
238. Ghenwa Hayek, Assistant Professor, NELC
239. Jason Bridges, Philosophy
240. Ben Laurence, Lecturer in Philosophy and Human Rights
241. Sonya Dinizulu, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
242. John Novembre, Associate Professor, Human Genetics
243. Shipra Parikh, SSA
244. Mark Berger, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Humanities Division
245. David Wray, Associate Professor, Classics
246. Julie Saville, Associate Professor, History
247. Olga Solovieva, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature
248. Chrysanthi Koutsiviti, lecturer, Department of Linguistics
249. Haun Saussy, Comparative Literature
250. Anne Rogers, Associate Professor, Computer Science
251. Michael Albertus, Assistant Professor, Political Science
252. Colleen M. Grogan, Professor, SSA
253. Monika Nalepa, Associate Professor, Political Science
254. Kimberly Hoang, Assistant Professor, Sociology
255. Dan Slater, Associate Professor, Political Science
256. James L. Wilson, Assistant Professor, Political Science
257. Borja Sotomayor, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
258. Victoria Saramago, Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
259. Daniel Raeburn, Creative Writing
260. Kinga Kosmala, Lecturer, Slavic
261. Rachel Cohen, Professor of Practice, Creative Writing
262. Elisabeth Clemens, William Rainey Harper Professor, Sociology
263. Lucy Pick, Divinity and CSGS
264. Aden Kumler, Associate Professor, Art History
265. Jennifer Wild, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies and and RLL
266. Eugene Raikhel, Assistant Professor, Comparative Human Development
267. Michael Kremer, Professor, Philosophy
268. Emma Saunders-Hastings, Harper Fellow and Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Division
269. Judy Hoffman, Professor of Practice in the Arts, Cinema and Media Studies
270. Mickle Maher, Lecturer, Creative Writing
271. Benjamin Lessing, Assistant Professor, Political Science
272. Austin Carson, Assistant Professor, Political Science
273. Garin Cycholl, Lecturer, Creative Writing
274. Robert Bird/Associate Professor/Slavic Languages and Literatures & Cinema and Media Studies
275. Michelle Falkoff, Visiting Lecturer, Creative Writing
276. Rachel DeWoskin, Lecturer, Creative Writing
277. John Reppy, Professor, Computer Science
278. Anna S. Mueller, Assistant Professor, Comparative Human Development
279. Ariana Nash, Lecturer, Creative Writing
280. Sarah Hammerschlag, Associate Professor, Divinity School
281. Theo van den Hout, Professor, Oriental Institute and NELC
282. Orit Bashkin, Professor, NELC
283. Veronica Vegna, Senior Lecturer, Romance Languages and Literatures
284. Marie Berg, Lecturer, French
285. Céline Bordeaux, Lecturer, RLL
286. Alba Girons, Lecturer, Romance Languages and Literatures
287. Claude Grangier, Senior Lecturer, French
288. Irena Čajková, Lecturer, Romance Languages and Literatures
289. Jennifer Scappettone, Associate Professor, English, Creative Writing, Romance Languages and Literatures
290. Lidwina M. van den Hout-Huijben/Lecturer/Romance Languages and Literatures
291. Izas Indacoechea, Lecturer, Romance Languages and Literatures
292. Augustus Rose/Visiting Lecturer/Creative Writing
293. Matthew Landauer, Assistant Professor, Political Science
294. Rebecca Petrush, Lecturer, French
295. Agnes Lugo-Ortiz, Associate Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures
296. Christopher Kennedy, William H. Colvin Professor, Department of Linguistics
297. Ahmed El Shamsy, Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
298. Emily Lynn Osborn, Associate Professor, Department of History
299. Gina Fedock, School of Social Service Administration
300. Brian Booker, Lecturer, Creative Writing
301. Michael Weaver, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Division
302. Sylvie Goutas, Full-Time Lecturer, RLL
303. John Schneider, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine and Public Health Sciences
304. Callum F. Ross, Professor, Department of Organismal Biology & Anatomy
305. Andres Gelrud, Associate Professor of Medicine. CERT / Gastro
306. Jeannette S. Messer, Instructor, Department of Medicine
307. Ira Hanan, Professor, Department of Medicine
308. Andreas Glaeser, Professor of Sociology
309. Craig Futterman, Clinical Professor of Law
310. Claudia Flores, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Law School
311. Laura Weinrib, Assistant Professor, Law School
312. Gautham Reddy, Associate Professor of Medicine
313. Karen Kim, Professor of Medicine
314. Mark J. Heyrman Clinical Professor of Law, the Law School
315. Aziz Huq, Frank and Bernice J. Greenberg Professor, Law School
316. Andrew Aronsohn, Associate Professor of Medicine
317. Emily Buss, Mark and Barbara Fried Professor, Law School
318. Maria Woltjen, Executive Director, Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights, Law School
319. Judith Miller, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law, Law School
320. Adam Green, Associate Professor, History and the College
321. John Lucy, William Benton Professor, Comparative Human Development
322. Xiaorong Jajah Wu, Clinical Instructor, Law School
323. Genevieve Lakier, Assistant Professor, Law School
324. Robert Weinstock, Clinical Fellow and Lecturer in Law, Law School
325. Randall Schmidt, Clinical Professor of Law, Law School
326. Russell H. Tuttle, Professor in Anthropology, Evolutionary Biology, History of Biology and Medicine and the College
327. Nicolas Brunel, Professor, Statistics and Neurobiology
328. Risi Kondor, Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Statistics
329. Brian Leiter, Karl N. Llewellyn Professor of Jurisprudence, Law School
330. Jonathan L. Rosner, Emeritus Professor of Physics
331. Hsiao-Wen Chen, Associate Professor, Astronomy & Astrophysics
332. Jonathan Masur, John P. Wilson Professor, Law School
333. James Ketelaar, Professor, History, EALC, Divinity School
334. Cecile Fromont, Assistant Professor, Art History
335. Paul Staniland, Assistant Professor, Political Science
336. LaToya Baldwin Clark, Dickerson Fellow, Law School
337. Paolo Privitera, Professor, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics
338. Don Q. Lamb, Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Astronomy & Astrophysics
339. Brandon Pierce, Assistant Professor, Public Health Sciences
340. Melvyn Shochet, Kersten Distinguished Service Professor of Physics
341. Monica E. Peek, MD, MPH, MSc, Associate Professor of Medicine
342. Margaret Gardel, Professor of Physics
343. Kwang-Je Kim, Professor (Part time) Physics Department and EFI
344. Young-Kee Kim, Professor of Physics, Physical Sciences Division
345. Leslie Rogers, Assistant Professor, Astronomy & Astrophysics
346. Sidney R. Nagel, Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Physics
347. Edward Blucher, Professor of Physics
348. Patrick Palmer, Professor (Emeritus), Astronomy & Astrophysics
349. Kathryn Levin, Professor of Physics, Physical Sciences Division
350. Stephanie E. Palmer, Assistant Professor, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, Department of Physics
351. Daniel Holz, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy & Astrophysics
352. Yibi Huang, Lecturer, Statistics
353. Juan I. Collar, Professor of Physics
354. Donald G. York, Horace B. Horton Professor (Emeritus), Astronomy and Astrophysics
355. Martha C. Nussbaum, Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, Law School and Philosophy Department
356. Rina Barber, Assistant Professor, Statistics
357. S. C. Wright, Emeritus Professor, Physics and the Enrico Fermi Institute
358. Mary Silber, Professor, Statistics
359. Robert Rosner/Wrather Distinguished Service Professor/Depts. of Astronomy & Astrophysics and Physics and Harris School of Public Policy
360. Emil J. Martinec, Professor of Physics
361. Erik Shirokoff, Assistant Professor, Astronomy & Astrophysics
362. Abigail G. Vieregg, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
363. Lisa Ruddick, Associate Professor, English
364. Melody A. Swartz, Professor, Institute for Molecular Engineering
365. Paul Wiegmann, Robert W. Reneker Distinguished Service Professor, Dept. Physics, James Franck Inst., Enrico Fermi Inst.
366. Frances Ferguson, Professor of English
367. Eugene Parker, Professor emeritus, Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
368. Dorothy Shapiro, Bigelow Fellow and Lecturer, Law School
369. Fausto Cattaneo, Professor, Astronomy and Astrophysics
370. David W. Miller, Neubauer Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
371. Dan Nicolae. Professor, Medicine and Statistics
372. William Irvine, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
373. Andrei Pop, Associate Professor, Committee on Social Thought
374. Matthew Jesse Jackson, Visual Arts + Art History
375. Carlos E. Wagner, Professor of Physics
376. Megan Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Art History
377. Kristen Jacobson, Associate Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences, BSD
378. Claudia Brittenham, Associate Professor, Art History
379. Paul Cheney, Associate Professor, Department of History and the College
380. Wei-Cheng Lin, Associate Professor, Art History
381. Wu Hung, Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Art History
382. Niall Atkinson, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Art History
383. Persis Berlekamp, Associate Professor, Art History
384. Jaś Elsner, Visiting Professor, Divinity School and Department of Art History
385. Paul Copp, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Civilizations
386. Damiano Caprioli, Assistant Professor, Astronomy & Astrophysics
387. Matthew Stephens, Professor, Statistics and Human Genetics
388. Jeff Leslie, Clinical Professor, Law School
389. Arieh Konigl, Professor, Astronomy & Astrophysics
390. Deborah Hagman Shannon, Adjunct Faculty, School of Social Services Administration
391. Darby English, Professor, Art History
392. Jeffrey Harvey, Professor, Physics and the Enrico Fermi Institute
393. Susan L. Burns, Associate Professor, History

We, the undersigned members of the University of Chicago community, affirm and echo the concerns of the above letter and urge the administration to act on these concrete proposals toward fulfilling the University's stated commitment to undocumented students.

394. Miki Takeshita, 4th year, The College
395. Juliet Eldred/Undergraduate/College
396. Olivia Gray, Graduate Student, Human Genetics
397. Katherine McIntyre, Alumnus, The College
398. Kathryn Yin, 2nd year, The College
399. Stephanie Diaz, 4th year undergraduate, The College
400. Alejandro Monroy-Velez, Graduate Student, SSA
401. Dhyana Taylor, 4th year, The College
402. Alanna S. Radlo-Dzur, Graduate Student, MAPH-Art History
403. Mollie McFee, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature
404. Claire Moore/ Student/ TheCollege
405. Jesse Self, PhD Student, SSA
406. Sara Rubinstein, Alum, AB '16
407. Juliana Locke, Graduate Student, Divinity School
408. Julio Guerrero/Alumnus/The College
409. Nathan Roter, AM Candidate, SSA
410. Cody Hernandez/ Graduate Student/ Cell and Molecular Biology
411. Alex Jarman, 4th year, The College
412. Marga Loring, AM Candidate, SSA
413. Joshua Falk, PhD Student, Linguistics
414. Mendel Kranz, PhD Student, Divinity School
415. Cindy Agustin, Alum, AB'11, AM Candidate, SSA
416. Brooke Miller, Graduate Student, Neurobiology
417. Zach Goldhammer, Alumnus, The College
418. Clara del Junco, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Chemistry
419. Elizabeth Roddy, Graduate Student, Humanities Division
420. Molly Robinson, 4th year, The College
421. Benjamin Blanchard, Ph.D. Candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
422. Meredith Bohen, AB '15
423. Arielle Gerber, 4th Year, The College
424. Moises Rodriguez Cruz/1st year Undergraduate/The College
425. Matthew Johnson, PhD Student, Germanic Studies
426. Sam Pauley, Graduate Student, SSA
427. Adam Shaw, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
428. Geronimo Sarmiento Cruz, PhD Student, English
429. Kate Pederson, AM Candidate, SSA
430. Kelsey Kilponen, Graduate Student, SSA
431. Charlotte Heltai, MA candidate, Divinity School
432. Robin Ye, Alum, AB '16
433. Michelle Gan, 3rd Year, the College
434. Charles E. Jones/Research Associate/The Oriental Institute
435. Denisse Martinez/ A.M. Candidate/ SSA
436. Kelli Chavez, Second year, School of Social Service Administration
437. José Heredia/3rd Year/The College
438. Francisco Calvache Meyer, Alumnus, A.B. '16
439. April Wesolowski, Graduate Student, Social Services Administration
440. HaYoung Jeong, AM Candidate, SSA
441. Wenqi, AM Candidate, SSA
442. Veronica Portillo Heap/Alumna/The College 2015
443. Andres Millan, PhD Student, English
444. Kathryn West, AM Candidate, SSA
445. Michelle Yang/1st year/The College
446. JR Martin, Alum, AB '08
447. Dan Wang, Graduate Student, Music
448. Beatrice Bradley, PhD Student, English
449. Marissa Lieberman-Klein/Aluma/A.B. 2013
450. Sara Escobar, Graduate Student, SSA
451. Maayan Levy, Graduate Student, Computational Neuroscience
452. Raúl Zegarra, PhD Student, Divinity School
453. Luus Amaya/Alum/B.A., M.A.T
454. Tucker Eads, Alumnus, The College, AM Candidate, SSA
455. Grace Croley, First-year in the College
456. Jordan Dobrowski, AM Candidate, SSA
457. Alan Hassler, A.B. '15, J.D. '18
458. Julian Thompson, PhD Candidate, School of Social Service Administration
459. Maher Alhah/Student/Divinity School
460. Alexis Cuozzo, AM Candidate, SSA
461. Dylan Farrell-Bryan, MAPSS
462. Eliana Sigel-Epstein/A.M. Candidate/SSA
463. Michelle Grochocinski, AM, SSA
465. Yvette Borrego, Alumna, AB '04
466. Shane DuBay, Graduate Student, Committee on Evolutionary Biololgy
467. Tom Hen, PhD Student, Statistics
468. Laura Haberer, Graduate Student, SSA
469. Jose Miguel Reyes, 1st Year, The College
470. Lili Gecker, AM Candidate, SSA
471. Sam Catlin, Ph.D. Student, Comparative Literature
472. Peter Wiggin, 4th year, The College
473. Soo Young Lee, AM Candidate, SSA
474. Joshua Hoyt, Executive Director, National Partnership for New Americans, M.A., College of L.A.S., '86
475. Kayla Hartman, Graduate Student, SSA
476. Jocelyn Broitman, Graduate Student, SSA
477. Tristan Bates, PhD candidate, Comparative Literature
478. Giulia Galli/Liew Family Professor of Molecular Engineering/Institute for Molecular Engineering
479. Stacy Fox, graduate student, SSA
480. Jennifer Yida Pan, PhD student, English
481. Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier, PhD Student in Mathematics and Lecturer in the College
482. Kevin Lee, AM Candidate, SSD
483. Jessi LaChance, School of Social Service Administration
484. Cindy Zhang, MD Candidate, Pritkzer School of Medicine
485. Zhuqing (Lester) Hu, Phd Student, Department of Music
486. Maryam Sabbaghi, PhD student, Divinity
487. Jennifer Thall, Alumna, AB '11
488. Amy Black, AM Candidate 2017, SSA
489. Luke Fidler / PhD student, Department of Art History
490. Saniya M Ali, Alumna, MAPSS '16
491. Katy Burnett, Alumna, AB '10
492. Rosemarie Ho, 3rd year, The College
493. Sharon Seegers, PhD Student, Comparative Human Development
494. Mirna T. Holton, A.M. '07
495. Brenna Rice, graduate student, RLL
496. Talia Weiner, Graduate Student, Comparative Human Development
497. Abhishek Bhattacharyya, PhD student, South Asian Languages and Civilizations and Anthropology
498. J.R. Pinedo , Dual Masters Candidate, SSA, Divinity
499. Leslie M Kay, Professor in Psychology
500. Deborah Kim, Graduate Student, SSA
501. Samuel Hodgkin, PhD student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
502. Antonio Musto, Alumnus, MA, Divinity School
503. Tyler Kissinger, AB'16
504. Elizabeth Diaz, AM '14 Alumna, School of Social Service Administration
505. Soraia Silva de Oliveira, 1st Year Student at The School Of Social Service Administration
506. Christine Kregg, A.M '16, SSA
507. Stephanie Ban, 3rd year, The College
508. Michael Weinrib, 3rd Year, The College
509. Anya Auerbach, 2nd Year, The College
510. Bobby Morales, alum, AB '13
511. Molly Blondell, AB'15
512. Lily Grossbard, 2nd Year, The College
513. Samuel Law, Graduate Student, MAPSS
514. Hilary Leathem, PhD student, Anthropology
515. Jack Dragu, PhD student, English
516. Daisy Day, A.M. Candidate, 2017
517. Carlos Saucedo, Graduate Student, SSA
518. Donald Lyons, Graduate Student, MAPSS
519. Sophia Goodfriend, Graduate Student MAPSS
520. Luke Carman, AB '09, MAT '11 (UTEP)
521. Eric M. Fink/Associate Professor/Elon Law School
522. Michaela Appeltova, Graduate Student, History
523. Clare Hipschman, AM '14
524. Madeleine Elfenbein, Ph.D. Candidate, NELC
525. Zachary Upton-Davis, AB '15
526. Peter Malonis, PhD Student, BSD
527. Jonah Sutton-Morse, BA'05
528. Clair Mesick, Alumna, AB '09
529. Nicole Erin Morse, PhD Candidate, Cinema and Media Studies
530. Stephanie Anderson, BA '03, PhD '16, English
531. Seong-Ah Cho, AB'12
532. Elizabeth Tavella, Graduate Student, Romance Languages and Literatures
533. Stephanie Dering, BA11
534. Sam Law, Graduate Student, MAPSS
535. Sophia Kortchmar, BA '12
536. Jeremy Siegman, PhD Candidate, Anthropology & Political Science
537. Ásta Bennie Hostetter (AB '03)
538. Evelyn Pollins, AB 2004, MAT 2005 (UTEP)
539. Michal Zechariah, PhD student, English
540. Samantha Pellegrino/MA candidate/Divinity School
541. Aaron Gettinger, graduate student in MAPSS
542. Craig Johnson/Ph.D. Student/University of California, History Department
543. Aija Nemer-Aanerud, AB '14
544. Sadaf Ferdowsi AB '13
545. Brittany Tolar, A.M. '16, SSA
546. Nurjannah Ahmat, Alumna, AB '11
547. Sarah Elizabeth Farr, AB '10
548. Sophie Riemenschneider 'AB 13
549. Emma LaBounty, AB '15
550. Tamara Gaffney AB '10
551. Chloe Bacon, Graduate Student, School of Social Service Administration
552. Katerina Korola/PhD Student/Cinema and Media Studies
553. Jacquelyn Whitworth, AB '11, MAT '15
554. Lauren O'Gara, MAT '13 (UTEP)
555. Emily Coppess, Masters student, Graham School
556. Jill Rosenberg, Graduate Student CCB
557. Aidan Milliff, AB '15, AM '15
558. Darrel Chia, PhD Candidate, English
559. Upasana Dutta, PhD Student, Department of English
560. Lily Baker, AB '11
561. Evan Kiefl, PhD Student, Biophysical Sciences
562. Elizabeth Morris, AB '10
563. Hannah Manshel, AB '11
564. Sean Dotson/PhD Student/English
565. Sean Gaffney, MD Candidate 2017
566. Steven LaRue, AB '10
567. Anthony Pence, AB '12
568. Leah Goldman, PhD '15
569. Aleia Maculam, AB'14
570. Kallie Clark, PhD Student, SSA
571. Wally Hilke, AB '11
572. Alex Novet
573. Kamil Ahsan/PhD Student/Developmental Biology
574. Amanda Hwu, AM Degree Program, School of Social Service Administration
575. Steven Sugita Becraft, AB '08
576. Amanda Diaz/ Social Service Administratio
577. Jennie Ikuta, AB '07
578. Mariana Brandman, Ph.D. Candidate, History
579. Charlotte Hovland 3rd Year The College
580. Samantha Fenno, Lecturer in the College
581. Timothy Wilder, First Year, The College
582. Katherine Palmer, MS3 Pritzker School of Medicine
583. Meng Wu, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
584. Anna Akers-Pecht, AB '12
585. Helena Bassett, Alumni 16
586. Samantha Gilbert, Physics BA 2017
587. Sien Hasker/4th Year/The College
588. Alison McManus, AB '16
589. Rachel Stones/medical student/University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
590. Melissa S Noe, AM, SSA 2015
591. Elizabeth Dia, 3rd Year, the College
592. Sarah Lyn Jones, AM '14, School of Social Service Administration
593. Andrew Sartori, PhD 03
594. Sarah Babb, MA candidate, Divinity School
595. Lauren Dean AB 2013
596. Lisa Fan, AB'12, JD/MBA Candidate
597. Meghana Chandra, Graduate Student, Harris School of Public Policy
598. Veronica Myers Class of 2020
599. Zachary Yost, Third Year, The College
600. Kristin Lin, A.B. '16
601. Michelle Auden, AB'10, AM'15 (SSA)
602. Charles Barlow, Lecturer in Public Policy and Geography
603. Antonia Clifford / Alumna / BA 2010, MSW 2011
604. Jacqueline Trudeau, AB '12
605. Jazmine Salas, AM16, SSA
606. Aliza Levine, AB '09
607. Michael Tabatowski, PhD Student, Linguistics
608. Tae Yeon Kim, AB'10; MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
609. Padma Chirumamilla, AB '09
610. Blair Bainbridge, PhD Student CHSS
611. Claudio Gonzales, PhD Student in Mathematics and College Fellow
612. Sierra Petersen, Graduate Student, School of Social Service Administration
613. Adrian Morquecho/1st Year/The College
614. Olivia Woollam AB '13
615. Dani Brecher Cook, AB '10
616. Juliet Nellis, AB '09, AM '12
617. Ariana Melendez, AB '12
618. Grace Fisher, AB 2012
619. Mary Schoenbach, AB
620. Jeff Deeney, AB '97
621. Christopher Annis, 2nd Year, The College
622. Helen Arnett, 4th Year, The College
623. Vince Morgan/MD Candidate/Pritzker School of Medicine
624. Ajay Kumar Batra, AB '15
625. Duncan Ranslem, AB '11
626. Nyameche Quansah/AB '12/Staff/Laboratory Schools
627. Erika Dunn-Weiss, BS '13
628. Julia Nee/BA '12/Linguistics
629. Theodore Watler, 4th Year, The College
630. Adriana Steinbach, BS '16/research technician, BMB Department
631. Katherine Quinn, Graduate Student, SSA
632. Catherine Greim, AB '11
633. Maya Nguen, 3rd Year, The College
634. Hector M. Varela Rios, MA '15, PhD student, Divinity School
635. Guadalupe Godinez, 1st Year, The College
636. Diego Suarez Rojas/MA candidate/Divinity School
637. Nora Wynn, AM '16
638. Emma Kalb, PhD Student, SALC
639. Sam Joyce, First-year in the College
640. David Showalter, AB '12
641. Justin Huang AB '10, MAT '11
642. Rachel Schwartz, MAT '13
643. John Sharpe, 4th Year Undergraduate
644. Adele Padgett, 4th year, The College
645. Claudia Diaz, AB '13
646. Kunal Basu-Dutta, AB '12
647. Sharon Heichman, MD candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
648. Jocelyn Wascher, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
649. Mili Leitner, PhD student, Music
650. Thomas Monson, Alum, AB '10
651. Clemente Dadoo, AB' 15
652. Joshua Kaplan, 4th year, The College
653. Cosette Hampton/ 4th Year/ The College
654. Johnatan Aljadeff, postdoctoral scholar, Department of Neurobiology
655. Ann Heffernan, PhD Student, Political Science
656. Tiffany Moran, BA '13
657. Laura Merchant, PhD Student, Political Science
658. Ryan Eisenman, 4th Year, The College
659. Victoria Alvarez, AB 2010
660. Tim Walsh, AB '11
661. Samuel Mellins, 1st year, the college
662. Sneha Annavarapu, PhD student, Sociology
663. Javier de la Rosa, AB '13
664. David Calicchia, AB '92, AM '95
665. Anna Mather, AB '16
666. Sid Colton / Alumnus; and Production Room Manager, Retired, SSA /Class of 1973, A.B. Behavioral Science
667. Zachary Hope, PhD Student, English
668. Daniel Benjamin, AB '09
669. Emily Gerry, AB '14
670. Sean Batton, PhD Student, Cinema and Media Studies
671. Samantha Serfontein, Graduate Student, MAPSS
672. Rafael Menis, AB '11
673. Nadja Barlera
674. John S Hawkins, MD candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
675. Audrey Williams, Graduate Student, Cell and Molecular Biology
676. Bala Chockalingam, 2nd Year, The College
677. Xiaogao Zhou, MA, MAPSS,SSD
678. Erin Franzinger Barrett, AB '09
679. Eliza Passell, undergraduate, '18
680. Sydney Mandel, fourth-year, The College
681. Nishant Aggawal, 1st Year, The College
682. Luke Hwang, PhD student, Chemistry
683. Maria Decker, AB '15
684. Andrew Dilts, Ph.D. '08, Political Science & Harper-Schmidt Fellow, Society of Fellows, 2008-2011
685. Ji Yea Hong/PhD student/Anthropology
686. Rebecca Gieseker, MD Candidate Pritzker School of Medicine (AB'12)
687. James Mackenzie AB '16
688. Hannah Norwood, PhD Student, School of Social Service Administration
689. Karen Anderson, AB '16
690. Nicole Ladd, PhD Student, Biochemistry
691. Chihiro Yoshida, Alumna, AB '13
692. Deirdre Gorman, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
693. Julian Quintanilla, AB '11
694. Aliza Hirani, A.M '16, SSA
695. Deborah Ragbir, AM Candidate, SSA
696. Bryant Jackson-Green, AB '13
697. Hannah Joy-Warren, SB '12
698. Carol Lee/Third Year/Undergraduate
699. Tanya Shpigel, AM '12, MAPSS, Science Editor, James Franck Institute and Department of Chemistry
700. Giordon Stark, PhD Student, Physics
701. Janet Connor, AB '11 and PhD Student, Anthropology
702. Corbin Page, PhD Student, History
703. Natalie Parrish, AM '16, Committee on International Relations
704. Sonia M. Gonzalez, AB'12
705. Miriam Hauser, AM '16, SSA
706. Ryan Harte, AB '10 and AM '11
707. Caroline Heller, PhD Student, English
708. Kyle Shen, B.A., 2011
709. Jonathan Seiden, AB '17
710. Briana Estevez, AB '11
711. Kris Rosentel, AB'16 and AM Candidate, SSA
712. Alyssa Mathias, AB '09
713. Alison Fichera, AM Candidate, SSA
714. Frederic Gleach, PhD '92, Anthropology
715. Ariel Aiash, 3rd year, the college
716. Jessica Lopez/Alumna
717. Jessica Covil, AB '16
718. Maria Gutierrez Bascon, PhD Candidate, Romance Languages and Literatures
719. Emily Bonkowski, AB '11
720. Gene S. Kopp, BS '11, Mathematics
721. Gloria Goodwin Raheja, PhD '85, Anthropology
722. Anna Cooper, AM '18, SSA
723. Sara Wichner, SB '11
724. Shannon Lindstedt / AB 02 / SSA 16
725. Miranda Sklaroff, AB '10, Department of Comparative Literature/Department of Classics
726. Andrea Rowan, AB '09
727. Kaitlyn Fryzek, BA '13, Public Policy Studies
728. Betsy Pillion, Graduate Student, Linguistics
729. Danielle Roper, Provost Career Enhancement Postdoctoral Scholar, Romance Languages and Literatures; Center for Race, Politics, Culture
730. Carol Fitch Baulos, AB '87 New Collegiate Division (PERL)
731. Kari Lehman/alumni/UTEP
732. Ray Noll, Phd Student, Political Science/Anthropology
733. Noel Martin D. Rubio, A.B. '18 (Public Policy Studies, Spec. Global and Environmental Health; Pre-Medical Studies)
734. Mari Cohen, 4th year, The College
735. Kye Barker, AM '12, MAPSS
736. Ashley Walters
737. Hamsini Sridharan, AB '12
738. Chloe Gremaud, AM '16, SSA
739. William Thomas, 4th Year, the College
740. Bridget Madden, AB 08, Associate Director, Visual Resources Center, Department of Art History
741. Kutah Sillah, AB '16
742. Patrick Liu/Fourth Year/The College
743. Teddy Zamborsky/Undergrad/Math
744. Jordan Martin, MA Student, Social Sciences
745. Gregory Malandrucco, PhD, Dept. of History
746. Anna Rae Goethe, AB '10
747. Ferenc Csirkes/alumnus, PhD 2016/Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
748. Julia Dratel, AB '13 (Cinema & Media Studies/Human Rights)
749. Stephanie Litchfield, AB '15
750. Gregory Valdespino, PhD Student History
751. Alisa Surkis, AB '85
752. Natalia Cecire, AB 2003
753. Elisa Vargas, Alumna, AB '93
754. Jordan Johansen, PhD Student, Classics
755. Lucy Hall, AB '10
756. Ayla Amon, AB '10, Art History
757. Jessica Mutter, PhD Student, NELC
758. Joseph Gardner, AB 2006
759. Aren Drehobl, AM '07, Field Consultant, School of Social Service Administration
760. Ashveer Pal Singh, AM '11, MAPSS
761. Sophia Posnock, AB '12
762. Allison McCaffrey, AB'12
763. Michael D. Rodriguez/Alum/School of Social Service Administration
764. Arryn Hawthorne, A.M. '99, School of Social Service Administration
765. Sara Chisesi Gladding, AB '11
766. Moira Flanagan PhD '16 Biophysical Sciences
767. Dana Walters, PhD Student, English
768. Benjamin McKay, AM '10, SSA
769. Hylton White, PhD Anthropology '01
770. Oli Soto, AM, LCSW--SSA '07
771. Xanthia Tucker, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
772. Rosalie DeFino, AB '09, MAT '10
773. Andrea Núñez, AB '12 RLL & International Studies
774. Laura Elk-Weist, AM '07, SSA
775. Ben Segal/Student (JD class of '19)
776. Emma M Cervantes AB'14
777. Kristin McKay, AM '14, SSA
778. Emily Dawson, BA/MA 2011 MAPSS
779. Jennie Vazquez BA '11, MA '13
780. Lisa Fein Guralnick, SSA alum '95
781. D Michael Coy, MA, LICSW/SSA AM '06
782. Kevin Koll, AB '09
783. Chad Robertson, MAT '13
784. Jessica Chen, Pritzker School of Medicine 2020
785. Michelle Jones/AB History '06
786. Kathleen Thomas Rosen, AB '77
787. Laura Gluckman, AB '08, MAT '10
788. Matthew Vanderpoel, PhD Candidate, Divinity
789. Abigail Whitney/MD Candidate/Pritzker School of Medicine
790. Anthony Stott, PhD Student, Comparative Literature
791. Bryan Duff, AB '09
792. Michael Andersen, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
793. Ellie Immerman, Alumna, The College
794. Emily Dreyfus/Germanic Studies
795. Sarah H. McKissock, AB '19, Linguistics
796. JoAnn Kawell AB '78
797. Caroline Wooten, AB 2012
798. Sanya Khatri, 1st year, The College
799. William Schmit, SB '08, MAT '13
800. Susan Augenbraun, AB '12
801. Blue Roth/AM '17/SSA
802. Sarah Kim, AB'17
803. Elizabeth Blake, MA '09
804. Bonn Wade, LCSW, AM, '04 SSA
805. Khushbu A. Patel, AM Candidate, School of Social Service Administration
806. Nora Jacobsen Ben Hammed/ PhD Candidate/ University of Chicago Divinity School
807. Kaitlin Thompson AM '14, SSA
808. Evan R Pensis, PhD Student, Music
809. Jesús A. Palafox Valdovinos, Graduate Student, SSA
810. Cynthia Phon, AM '07, SSA
811. Maria Lopez, BA Cinema & Media Studies '11
812. Harel Shapira, BA '01
813. Sarah Garcia-Ricketts, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
814. Amanda Shubert, PhD Candidate, English
815. Adrienne Alton-Gust, PhD Candidate, Music
816. Olivia Ortiz, AB '16
817. Lucia Wilson, 2nd year masters student, SSA
818. Skylar Cole, AM '14 Alumna, School of Social Service Administration
819. Olivia Yang, AB '00, AM '07
820. David J. Levin, Addie Clark Harding Professor, Germanic Studies, Cinema & Media Studies, and Chair, Theater & Performance Studies
821. Karen Kudej, AB '94
822. Phaedra Daipha, PhD 2007
823. Hannah Coolidge, BA '10
824. Hannah Frank, PhD '16, Cinema and Media Studies
825. Simon Wiener, A.B. '13, J.D. '19
826. Hallie Kirkley/Research Study Support Assistant/SSA
927. Alexander Dunlap, SB '15
828. Andrew Hammond/Lecturer/Public Policy Studies
829. Gabrielle Costa / Alum of the College
830. Tina Sacks, PhD 2013
831. Kristy Skerrett, AM 2004, SSA
832. Jason de Stefano, AB '12
833. Sara Liss, AB '11
834. David Parry, AB 97
835. Devon J Borowski, PhD student, Music
836. Meghan Finn, AM 09
837. Carolyn Wald AB '11
838. Camila Gonzalez/2nd Year/The College
839. Erin Simpson, AB 15
840. Oscar Chavez, PhD Candidate, English
841. Sarah Goldberg, AB '13
842. Kelsey Glass-Johnston, BA '10
843. Ailsa Lipscombe, PhD Student, Music
844. Michael Subialka, PhD 2012
845. Sydney Combs, AB '15
846. Peter McDonald, PhD Candidate, English
847. Amulya Mandava, A.B. 2010
848. Tristan Jones, Student, Pritzker School of Medicine
849. Sharon Pollack AB'94
850. Rebecca Kosick, AM '06, MAPH
851. Owen Hubbard, PhD Student, Music
852. Siena Easley, AB '11
853. Kelli Bosak, AM 2015, School of Social Service Administration
854. Ella Christoph AB '11
855. Sophia Horwich, AM 2017, SSA
856. Heather Miller, AM '07, SSA
857. Claudia Cruz Leo, AB'13 International Studies
858. Anne Orchier, AB '09
859. Kim Lienhoop, A.M. '14 Alumna, School of Social Service Administration
860. Tianna Cervantez, AM '08 SSA
861. Susan Moss, AM 2009, School of Social Service Administration
862. Kristina Weems, AM '14, School of Social Service Administration
863. Jim Leng, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
864. Andrew Carr, AB '12
865. Maria Perevedentseva, PhD Student, Department of Music
866. Peggy Xu, 4th Year, The College
867. Bonnie Fan, A.B. '14
868. Andie Baker, AM 2012, SSA
869. Silvia Acosta, AM '14, SSA
870. Marielle Harrison, PhD Student, Divinity
871. Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, AB 1998, AM 1998
872. Britt Hodgdon, AM '13 SSA
873. Jacob Lesniewski AM, PhD, School of Social Service Administration
874. Christina Merlo, AB '16
875. Torey Hollingsworth AB '11
876. Zain Jamshaid, PhD Student, Cinema and Media Studies
877. Sara Raftery, A.B. 2009, English & Anthropology
878. Eric Gurevitch, AB '13 Religious Studies, Ph.D student South Asian Languages and Civilizations
879. Zsofi Valyi-Nagy, AB '13, PhD Student, Art History
880. Matthew Boulette, PhD student, English
881. Rebecca Flore, PhD student, Music
882. Latha Shrivatsa AM 2007 Alumna SSA
883. Rebecca Lovering Johnson, BA 2009, Political Science
884. Shengyuan Pan, 4th year, The College
885. Elle Opitz, AB '12
886. Susie Turkson AB '12
887. Keyao Pan/PhD Student/Department of History
888. Kevin Robinson, AB '13
889. Siavash Sabetrohani, PhD, music
890. Charles Daston, AB '17
891. Patricia Molloy, AB'05 AM'09
892. Bjorn Olafsson, BA '19
893. Kyle Gardner, PhD Candidate, History
894. Mikey McGovern, A.B. '13
895. Amanda H. Blair, PhD Candidate, Political Science
896. Claire Roosien, AB '10, Humanities PhD student
897. Katrina Barron, AB '87, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame
898. Eric Sullivan, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
899. Todd Whitmore, PhD '90, Divinity School
900. Emeline Posner, AB '17
901. Anna Haley-Lock, AM '95, PhD '03, Associate Professor, Rutgers University
902. Temisan Blagogee/2nd Year/The College
903. John Kaderbek, Teamsters Local 743, Regenstein Library
904. Alexandra Mateescu / Alumna
905. Oliver Cussen, PhD Candidate, History
906. Jamelle Williams, AB '11
907. Katharine Mershon, Ph.D Candidate, Divinity
908. Christopher Dunlap, Ph.D. Candidate, History
909. Liz Schnitz, AM '07 SSA
910. Andrew Inchiosa, PhD student, English
911. Carmel Nichols/MD Candidate/Pritzker School of Medicine
912. Hannah Wilson, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
913. Claudia Ma, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
914. Tommaso Sabbatini, PhD candidate, Music
915. Milena Ang, PhD candidate. Political Science
916. Courtney Fitzsimmons (AM '03, PhD '10) Assistant Professor, Whitman College
917. Matt Present, MS2
918. Giorgio Young, Alumnus, The College
919. Monica Matsumoto, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
920. Suellen Li/MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
921. Agraja Sharma Guimarães, AB 2006
922. Nicole Cherry, AB '14, Visual Arts
923. Ethan Bass (B.S., 2013)
924. Rachel Richman, AB '14, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
925. Emerald Souza, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
926. Dr. Zachary Martin, AB '03
927. Ann Grodzins Gold (PhD '84), Thomas J. Watson Professor of Religion and Professor of Anthropology, Syracuse University
928. Connor Williams, UCMC Staff, AM '14 (SSA)
930. Alex Spacht/MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
931. Molly Steele, AB '08
932. Jennifer Nudo AB '13, SSA AM '18
933. Emerson Easley / AB 2008
934. Emily Bosakowski, AB '12
935. James Murphy, Ph.D. student, Sociology
936. Maxine Berman/Alumna/College '16
937.Kayli Horne BA '16
938. Jared Salisbury, PhD student, Computational Neuroscience
939. Savas Tsikis, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
940. Keegan Boyar, Ph.D. Student, History
941. Hunter Eason, MD Candidatge, Pritzker School of Medicine
942. John Gabriel, AB 2006
943. Natalia Piland, Graduate Student, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
944. Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, AB '06
945. Cori Walker, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
946. Daina Coffey, PhD Candidate, History
947. Ananya Chakravarti (PhD '12)
948. Ireri Perez, Graduate Student, MAPSS
949. Maya Festinger AB '15, Romance Languages and Literatures
950. Robert Randolf Coleman, '88, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus, University of Notre Dame
951. Julia Cushing, Graduate Student, Social Service Administration
952. Aleksandr Kheyfets, BA '01
953. Chris Dingwall, PhD '15, History
954. Catherine Castro/MD Candidate/Pritzker School of Medicine
955. Alexis Becker, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Division of the Humanities
956. Giselle Garcia, PhD Candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
957. Sunny Kung/MD Candidate/Pritzker School of Medicine
958. Paul Huang, Alumnus
959. Victoria Furstenau, AM '14 SSA
960. Simon Lax, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Ecology and Evolution
961. Grace Zeng, Graduate Student, MAPSS
962. Dan Kitson, AB '14
963. Jessa Dahl, PhD Student, History Department
964. Max Winston, PhD Candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
965. Franco Bavoni, MAPSS '16
966. Sam Bonar, AB 2012, Physics
967. Eric Powell, PhD Candidate, English
968. Katharine Kenny
969. Sasha Tycko, AB '15
970. Rikki Baker Keusch, AB '17, AM '18
971. Kenneth Coleman, AM '14
972. Betty Dayron AM '64 SSA
973. Jamie m eridon/MD/UC Hospitals
974. Andrew Phillips, PhD Candidate, Chemistry
975. Persis Elavia/AB'05, MBA '09
976. Lucia Goin/Student/JD Candidate 2019
977. Aurielle Pope, AB 2013, Psychology
978. Brenna Batres, MA '14 School of Social Service Administration
979. Hanna Pickwell, PhD student, Anthropology
980. Simone Oliver, 3rd Year, The College
981. Marisa Allison/AB 15 Theater and a Performance Studies
982. Henry Steinitz, BS '15, Mathematics
983. Seychelle Mikofsky, First Year, The College
984. Sophia Uddin, MD/PhD Candidate, Computational Neuroscience
985. Libby Bachhuber, AM 2010, SSA
986. Eliane Holmlund AB '17
987. Chloe Nash, Graduate Student, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
988.Sonya Ringer/A.B. '11/Fundamentals: Issues and Texts
989. Peter Flynn, PhD Student, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
990. Robert Burgos, PhD Student, Department of History
991. Maryann Tamrazi, AB '14 (Psychology), MAT '15
992. Michael Havazelet, AB '10 and MAT '11 UTEP
993. Julia Baird, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
994. Flora J Roberts, PhD'16, History
995. Raffaella Taylor-Seymour, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development
996. Joel Veldkamp, MA '16, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
997. Zachary Sheldon, PhD Student, Department of Anthropology
998. Evelyn Atkinson, PhD Candidate, Department of History
999. Darren Wan, 3rd Year, The College
1000. Heather Gibson Perez Saiz, AM '98, SSA
1001. Joel Mercado-Diaz, PhD student, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
1002. Lindsay Poston, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1003. Harini Kumar, PhD student, Anthropology
1004. Matthew Jones, AB '11, MD '19
1005. Eli Winter, first-year, The College
1006. Michael Calderbank, SB '10 AM '11
1007. Ariel Mellinger, AM '14, SSA
1008. Miriam Midoun, PhD student, Comparative Human Development
1009. Jessica Hager/SSA '13
1010. Ali Ballard, AM 2013, SSA
1011. Luisa Sepulveda, 3rd Year, The College
1012. Isabel Yin, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1013. Kirah Nelson, PhD Student, Anthropology
1014. Benjamin N. Davis, AB '80
1015. Grigory Gorbun, PhD student, Anthropology
1016. Elizabeth Myles, First Year, The College
1017. Maggie Borowitz, PhD student, Art History
1018. Quenette Walton, AM '04, SSA
1019. Charles Fawell/PhD candidate/SSD History
1020. Anne Knafl, Bibliographer for Religion, Philosophy, and Jewish Studies, Library
1021. Caroline Sequin, PhD Candidate, Department of History
1022. Julie Morales, AB'16
1023. Tejas Parasher/ PhD candidate/ Political Science
1024. AM, SSA '06
1025. Stephanie Renno, AM '10 SSA
1026. Elizabeth Doran, AM '14, School of Social Service Administration
1027. Theodor Kulczycki/MPP '15, Harris School of Public Policy/Staff Researcher, Economics Department
1028. Rev. Tyler Orem, AM '14, SSA
1029. Robert Lin, AB '12
1030. Judith Sterling, AB '66, MAT '68
1031. Lindsey Brashler/ A.M./ SSA
1032. Nathan Schine, PhD Candidate, Physics
1033. Kareem Sayegh/Alumnus/The College
1034. Adan Becerra AB'12
1035. Jessica Haley, Program Coordinator, Creative Writing
1036. Ingrid R Mejia, A.M. 08, School of Social Service Administration
1037. Jane Jones, AB '02
1039. Charlotte Brisbois, A.M. '11, Classics
1040. Christine Wong, AB '13
1050. Brad Weiss, PhD '92
1051. Brian White, PhD Student, East Asian Languages and Civilizations
1052. Adama K. Wiltshire, Esq., AB 2010
1053. Reem Elorbany, Graduate Student, Pritzker School of Medicine/Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program
1054. Sophia Yan, AB '12
1055. Marilee Goad, AB '11, The College
1056. Jeffrey Walker, PhD candidate, Computational Neuroscience
1057. Ameer Drane, AB '13
1058. Beatriz Aldana Marquez, AB '12
1059. Diana Doty AB '02
1060. Liz Mullen/SSA
1061. Hallie Trauger, AB '10
1062. Darcy Zaretzky, BA '13, Romance Languages & Literature
1063. Stephanie Zelaya BA 2013 Cinema and Media Studies
1064. Zack Hill, AB '08
1065. Elizabeth Pagliuzza Toussaint AM '11 SSA
1066. C. Emily Lu, AB 2009 MD 2014
1067. Supriya, PhD candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
1068. Erin Stanley, AM '15, School of Social Service Administration
1069. Joshua Prenner/MD Candidate/Pritzker School of Medicine
1070. Mariela Camarillo, AB '14
1071. Jonathan Rodrigues, AB 2012, Political Science
1072. Kara A. Peruccio, PhD Student, NELC
1073. Sonya Rich, AM Candidate, SSA
1074. Ellen Richmond, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1075. Charles Kupferberg, AB '15
1076. Jonathan Fischer, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1077. Meaghan Murphy, A.B. '15
1078. Stephanie Taylor, AB '06, Sociology
1079. Elizabeth Fiedler, PhD Candidate, RLL
1080. Tina Rzepnicki, David & Mary Winton Green Professor, School of Social Service Administration (Emerita)
1081. Daniel Johnson, PhD '15, postdoctoral fellow at Union College
1082. Sarah Bendix, AM '13, SSA
1083. H.S. Sum Cheuk Shing/PhD Student/East Asian Languages and Civilizations
1084. Cynthia de la Rosa, AB '13, The College
1085. Sarah Ghazi, AM '13 Alumna, School of Social Service Administration
1086. Tien-Tien Jong, PhD Student, Cinema and Media Studies
1087. Do Dom Kim, PhD student, Anthropology
1088. Amanda Bennett, AB '14, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1089. Andrew Yale, Lecturer, Humanities
1090. Jordan Franklin, AB '12
1091. Phillip Samayoa, AB '12, Biological Sciences
1092. David Gloria, Assistant Director at Career Advancement at UChicago
1093. Ari Allyn-Feuer, A.B. 2011 Mathematics, S.B.2011 Biology
1094. Stacy Hackner, AB 2010
1095. Sam Scarrow, AB '13
1096. Daniela Palmer, Graduate student, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
1097. Arjun Biddanda, PhD Student, Human Genetics
1098. Morgan Moroney, AB '10, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1099. Michael A. Johnson, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1100. Drew Jackson, BA '11, Political Science
1101. Stephanie Japczyk, AM '17 SSA
1102. Maggie Fritz-Morkin, Ph.D. '13, Romance Languages
1103. Jordan Lewis, SB 11, Computer Science
1104. Namita Gupta, AB '11, Mathematics and Biology
1105. Brady Smith, PhD, 2015, English/Humanities Teaching Fellow
1106. Jessica Feldman, MPP '05, PhD candidate Sociology
1107. Maria J. Ferrera, AM 1994; PhD, 2011, School of Social Service Administration
1108. Anne Rebull, PhD candidate, EALC
1109. Stephanie "Mimi" Yong, School of Social Service Administration Class of 2014
1110. Jonny Behrens, SB '16, Chemistry
1111. Katherine Rouhandeh / AB '14
1112. Michael Pierson, BA International Studies '13, MA MAPSS '16
1113. Saadia Mirza, Anthropology
1114. Kelsey Robbins, PhD Student, Comparative Human Development
1115. Marissa/ PhD student /English
1116. Mateo Uribe Rios, HSI Scholar, Graham
1117. Katie Waddle B.S. '09
1118. Daysi Diaz-Strong, PhD Student, School of Social Service Administration
1119. Libby hazzard, SSA alumni
1120. Patrick Dexter, AB '14
1121. Sarath Pillai, PhD Candidate, History
1122. Maya Handa/Alumna/The College
1123. Cassandra Mendoza, BA '12, MA SSA '17
1124. Ivy McDaniel, '13 MAT, Urban Education Institute
1125. Phyllis West, PhD, 2008, School of Social Service Administration
1126. Madeline Hall, JD Candidate 2019
1127. Adebanke Abioye, AB 2012
1128. Mary Kate Slattery/AB '08/English
1129. Victor Montecinos, AB '13
1130. Megan Verner-Crist, 3rd year, the College
1131. Chase Harrison, 3rd Year, The College
1132. Jackson Wright, AB '11
1133. Erna Dinata A.M. 1995, Ph.D. 2010, School of Social Service Administration
1134. Alice Mark, AB '09 Mathematics
1135. Laura Southcott, PhD candidate, Committee on Evolutionary Biology
1136. Maureen Murray, MAT '11 (UTEP)
1137. Juan Caicedo, Second Year, The College
1138. Rima McLeod, M.D./Professor/Departments of OVS and Pediatrics(Infectious Diseases), BSD
1139. Jefferson Day, AB '12
1140. Patricia Apperson, BA '05
1141. Lissette Castillo Vizcarra, BA '14
1142. Sabrina Tecklenburg, 4th year in the college
1143. Naseem Jamnia, AB '13, Biology and Creative Writing
1144. Kanako Ishida, A.M. '12
1145. Shakeela Faulkner, Medical student, Pritzker School of Medicine
1146. Robert Blakslee, AB `13
1147. Maureen Craig, AB '06
1148. Aaron Smith, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1149. School of Social Service Administration
1150. Juan Guevara, AB'13
1151. Kristen Komara, A.M. '04, SSA
1152. Marley Arechiga, BA '13, Political Science
1153. Daniela Petuchowski, BA '08
1154. Jessica Manvell, MPP '08
1155. Anil Mundra, PhD candidate, Divinity School
1156. Treva Walsh, AB '15, Anthropology
1157. Cheryl Steiger, former PhD student, SSA
1158. David H. Pickering, AB 2001
1159. Maritza Gomez/B.A./ Alumna
1160. Cheryl Smithgall, PhD '03
1161. Andrea Lindsay, AB '15
1162. Louisa Richardson-Deppe / College Class of 2017
1163. Anna Elena Torres, Postdoctoral Scholar, Comparative Literature
1164. Jeff Levy, Part-Time Lecturer, SSA
1165. David Diamond, PhD '15, English
1166. Steven Maye, PhD Student, English
1167. Drew Jackson, BA '11, Comparative Human Development
1168. Alana Gunn, AM, MPP '05 , PhD '13 Social Service Administration
1169. Joseph Strickland, AM 02
1170. Gustavo Sanchez, BA '15
1171. Maira Khwaja, AB '16, History
1172. Yukun Zeng, PhD Student, Anthropology
1173. Grace Pai, AB '14
1174. Jenny Keroack, AB'16, LLSO
1175. Hon. Lindsey T. Burke, Esq., AM '12, SSA
1176. Yangyang Cheng/ PhD'15/ Physics
1177. Stacey Gordon, Lecturer SSA
1178. Anna Rivkin, SSA 2017
1179. Maria Zdunek/graduate student/ school of social service administration
1180. Stephen Bonnett, BA '11, Sociology
1181. Hunter Kennedy/AB '16/Anthropology
1182. Nick Turner, Adjunct Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration.
1183. Shengxiao Yu, AB'12, Comparative Human Development
1184. Alexis Chaney/ AB'12
1185. Ana Jimena Gonzalez, AB '16, Sociology and Latin American Studies
1186. Max Beshers, LCSW, AM '14
1187. Laura Staley, AB04 AM13
1188. Jesús Albarrán, AB '13, Sociology
1189. Prerna Nadathur, A.B., 2010
1190. Erna Dinata, A.M. ’95, Ph.D. ’10, School of Social Service Administration
1191. Natalie Naculich, College Class of 2017
1192. Matthew Mo, AB '14, Economics and Sociology
1193. Kelin Hall, AB '09 and AM '16 (SSA)
1194. Samantha Yoh, AM Candidate, School of Social Service Administration
1195. Seth Brodsky, Assistant Professor, Music
1196. Tanima, PhD student, Anthropology
1197. Matt Epperson, Associate Professor, SSA
1198. Victoria Moreno, AM'17, SSA
1199. Jessica Dargiel, SSA 2018
1200. Mae Rice, BA '11
1201. Deena Heller AB '08, MAT '09
1202. Alex DiLalla, AB '16
1203. Nahid Gardezi, AB '11
1204. Colin McNamara/AB 2016
1205. Cathryn Jijon, AB'16, International Studies
1206. Michael Grifka, AB 16
1207. Sandra Park, AB' 13/PhD Student, History
1208. Annie Lee, AB'16
1209. Mona Oommen, Auxiliary Reader, College Admissions
1210. Bess Cohen, AB '16, Public Policy Studies
1211. Claire Vincent, AM '16, SSA
1212. Anne Clark, AB '10
1213. Rivka Arbetter, 4th Year, the College
1214. Emily Lipstein, BS '17, BSCD
1215. Jewell F. Brazelton, PhD '10, SSA
1216. Elaine Waxman, Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration
1217. Justine Buck Quijada alumnus BA '94, Phd '09
1218. Lukas Matern, M.D. Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1219. hannah cornfield/AM'17/SSA
1220. Matthew Sullivan, SB '16
1221. Joseph Herbert AB '09
1222. Flavius Beca, SB '15, Biology
1223. SoonKyu Park, AB'09
1224. Nicole Chirillo, AM '16
1225. Dianne Pinderhughes, PhD, '77, Political Science
1226. Eleanor Mulshine, AM '16, SSA
1227. Jessica Alms, AB'04, AM'12
1228. Elizabeth Chen, AB 2009
1229. Amalie Hofbauer/AM 2003/SSA
1230. Brandi Green, EEP student, School of Social Service Administration
1231. Jennifer Perton, AB '08
1232. Gautham Reddy, PhD Student, SALC
1233. Hannah Friedman, SB '16
1234. Hannah Chazin, PhD '16, BA '08
1235. Miwa Yasui, Assistant Professor, School of Social Service Administration
1236. Eléonore Rimbault, PhD student, Anthropology
1237. Gloria Morelos/Third Year/College Class of 2018
1238. Calvin lin, BA, MA '09
1239. Melissa Knapp, AB '08
1240. Shula Bien, AB 08, MAT 09
1241. Katelyn Muenck, AB '14 Sociologu
1242. Jordan Berry/AM '17 SSA/ '09 UTEP/'07 Div School
1243. Rachel Belanger, BA '11, Environmental Studies
1244. Peter LoPresti/ AB '11
1245. Natalia Khosla, MD Candidate Pritzker 2020, Lab '10
1246. Atticus Ballesteros/AB '17/College
1247. Virginia F. Laidet, AB '11
1248. Lucas Culler BS '09
1249. Vida K, BA ' 13
1250. Dawei Tang, AB '10
1251. Mariah Levy/Graham School
1252. Anastasia Klimchynskaya, BA 2013, Comparative Literature
1253. Andrea McPike, AB '13, MBA Candidate Class of '17
1254. Shiva Chidambaram, PhD Student, Department of Mathematics
1255. Roni Lubofsky, College Class of 2018
1256. Mrinmayee Patil, MBA Candidate '18, Booth School of Business
1257. Tim Kwan/MBA Candidate '18/Booth
1258. Gerardo F.Arche, MBA 2017
1259. Olivia Rodriguez, MBA '18, Booth School of Business
1260. Rachel Chamberlain, MBA '17
1261. Valentina Durand, MBA'17
1262. Sholeh Quinn, PhD '93
1263. Audrey Gilliam, JD, '12
1264. Jane Huber, AB '16 Public Policy Studies
1265. Robyn Taylor-Neu, AM'16
1266. Evelyn Z. Brodkin, Associate Professor, SSA
1267. Lincoln Campbell/MBA 2018/Booth
1268. Dominik Hertzler, MBA candidate, Booth School of Business
1269. Nicholas Kontovas, Lecturer in Turkish Language and Literature, Boğaziçi University, İstanbul, Turkey (Uchicago AB in Linguistics 2008)
1270. Usman Akhter/ AB '15
1271. Roy Kimmey, PhD Student, History
1272. Piotr Behr, AB '08 (mathematics)
1273. Jessica Rodriguez AB '09
1274. Kirsten Jennings, AM'00, SSA
1275. Christopher Kluz, AB '03
1276. Jacob Blakesley, PhD '11, Italian
1277. Inés Escobar González/PhD candidate/SSD Anthropology
1278. Natalie Belsky, PhD, History, 2014
1279. Antonio Wheeler/ student / A.M. Candidate
1280. Tovia Siegel/BA '15/Sociology
1281. Ohkyung Kwon, PhD '15, PSD / Physics
1282. Marianna Zhang, third year, the College
1283. Seth Zenz
1284. Tom Gijssels, PhD, Psychology
1285. Jesse Calderon, Booth '18
1286. Amanda Steele, AB'09
1287. Nora Bergman/AM'17/SSA
1288. Carmel Levy, AB '09, Mathematics
1289. Christopher Henderson, BS '10, LE Dickson Instructor, Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago
1290. Anya Metzer, AM '16, Humanities
1291. Zachary White, MBA Candidate '17, Booth
1292. Matthew Robinson, MBA '17
1293. Krysta Bavlsik, AB '05
1294. Madeline King, MBA '17
1295. Darrick Chan, AB '13, MBA '18
1296. Andreea Balica, AB '13, Economics
1297. James Hodge, Ph.D., 2011, English Language & Literature
1298. Julian Forero/Booth '18
1299. Allison Werner-Lin, PhD '05, AM '02 Social Service Administration
1300. Jennifer Bymun, SSA AM candidate, 2017
1301. Lindsey Koenig, AM '17, SSA
1302. Elizabeth Bynum, AB '15, Music
1303. Ben Bowman, M.D. Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1304. Hannah Leiterman, AB '95, AM '06
1305. Cindy Landrebe AB'03 Economics
1306. Jessica Howsam/AM 2018/ School of Social Service Administration
1307. Katarzyna Wroblewska, AB '12
1308. Alexander Boyce, MBA Candidate '17
1309. Patricia Delaney, LCSW, AM SSA 2005
1310. Meggie Twible, School of Social Service Administration
1311. Maura Clement, medical student, Pritzker School of Medicine
1312. Ellie Deal, AM '17, School of Social Service Administration
1313. Joy Messinger, Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration
1314. Laura Scherkenbach, AM Candidate, SSA
1315. Katherine Lammers, AB '07 History
1316. Allison Weil, MBA/MPP '17, Booth and Harris
1317. Manuk Shirinyan, MBA'18
1318. Sara Fahrenholz Rolen AM '11, SSA
1319. Kimberly Marsh, MBA Candidate '17
1320. Matt Richards, Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration, AM' 11, MDIV '14
1321. Leah Bouchard, AM Candidate '17, School of Social Service Administration
1322. Sara Moskowitz, AM '16, SSA
1323. Disha Malik, AB '12, MBA '18
1324. Kanika Gupta/Graduate Student/ Booth School of Business 2017
1325. Adaline Torres, AB '16
1326. Arielle Clouse, AB '10
1327. Meredith Ray, Ph.D, 2002, Romance Languages and Literatures
1328. Carol Ganzer, Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration
1329. Simone Denny, Graduate Student, School of Social Service Administration
1330. Rodolfo Maciel, Booth '17
1331. Wilther Merchan, MBA Candidate '17
1332. Maximilian Magana AB '13
1333. Don Ho, AB '13
1334. Bethany Elston, LCSW, AM '11
1335. Alexandra Tabachnick, AB '12
1336. Robert Sorrell AB '16
1337. Jonathan Schroeder, Ph.D. 2016, English
1338. Jaye Hobart/AM '17/SSA
1339. Rukmani Sahay/MBA Candidate/Booth School of Busienss
1340. Gabrielle Wimer, AB '16, HIPS
1341. Patrick McIntyre, AM '17, SSA
1342. Ava Benezra, BA 2015
1343. Mary Mei, MBA Candidate Class of '17
1344. Gerald Goh, AB '09
1345. Christina Williams, AB '10
1350. Tadelech Mengesha/MPP/Harris
1351. Joanna Lakatos, AB '04
1352. Scott Munro, Booth '18
1353. Jessie Reuteler, AB '10
1354. Benjamin Trnka, AB'15, The College
1355. Nora Tramm, PhD '14, Physics
1356. John Frame AB '07, MBA Candidate '17, Chicago Booth
1357. Yoonsun Choi, Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration
1358. Kayalyn Kibbe, AM '17, School of Social Service Administration
1359. Chicago Booth MBA Candidate
1360. Tamara Ghattas, AB '03
1361. Jane Flotte, AM Candidate '17, SSA
1362. Alison Alstott, AM '15, School of Social Service Administration
1363. Joshua Kaplan-Lyman, AM '14, School of Social Service Administration
1364. Melody Waring, AM 2015
1365. Maura Welch, MPP/MBA '18
1366. Jane Ramsey,Lecturer and Field Coordinator, School of Social Service Administration
1367. Caitlin Parton AB '07
1368. Malika Anand, AB 2005
1369. Bethany Strout, BA '07
1370. Dominic Surya, 4th year, the college
1371. Jose Rojas, MBA Candidate 2017
1372. Michelle Brown, AM '16, SSA
1373. Zavi Engles, MA in Social Sciences
1374. Daniel Rowell, AB '11
1375. Lornett Vestal, AM '11 SSA
1376. Tamara Kamatvic/Germanic Studies
1377. Robin Wolfe Scheffler, AB '03
1378. Amos Browne, Graduate Student, Philosophy
1379. Ramnath Subbaraman, AB '01
1380. Joshua Vera, PhD Candidate, History
1381. Agnes Malinowska, Committee on Social Thought
1382. Leon Shernoff PhD 2006
1383. Jake Mikva, MBA Candidiate '17
1384. Shashwat Koirala, AB'16, Economics
1385. Ben Otoo/PhD student/Committee on Evolutionary Biology
1386. Anthonia Akitunde AB '07
1387. Wenfei Xu, AB'08
1388. Isabel Gregersen, Graduate Student, SSA
1389. Emily Dupree, PhD, Philosophy
1390. Indivar Dutta-Gupta, AB '05
1391. Effee Coello, MPP '17
1392. Leslie Farland, AB '10
1393. India Weston, AB '19
1394. Sarah Sibley, MPP '14, Harris School of Public Policy
1395. Mirjam Berg/ PhD Candidate/ Germanic Studies
1396. Tristan Schweiger, Preceptor, MAPH
1397. Martha Diamond, AM Candidate, SSA
1398. Joan Merlin Palmer, adjunct lecturer, SSA
1399. William Rhee, AB '17
1400. Jennifer Nuñez AB '12 The College
1401. Rahil Bharani, MBA '18 Candidate, Chicago Booth
1402. Gloria Stefanie Perez, AM Candidate 2018, School of Social Service Administration
1403. Jerry Kaufman, Ph.D. Student, Sociology
1404. Yarimar Bonilla, PhD '09, Anthropology
1405. Sandra Santizo, Financial Administrator, PSD/LBC, AB '06
1406. Anne Williams, MAPH '15
1407. Rahmel Lee Robinson, Class of 2019
1408. Natalie Reid, Third Year, The College
1409. Margaret Mass/Assistant Director/Writing Program
1410. Susan Lee/MA '17 Divinity School
1411. Qudsiyyah Shariyf, 2nd year, The College
1412. Sara Zubi, 3rd year, the College
1413. Ariella Brotherson, Undergraduate, Visual Arts
1414. Piper Hill, Undergraduate Student, Math Department
1415. Elissa Moody/ 3rd Year/ The College
1416. Mary Blair, Political Sciences/CRES, The College
1417. Anna Attie, 1st year, The College
1418. Kerry Kraemer, Student, Booth School of Business, Class of 2018
1419. Maggie Ruble/ MA '17 SSA
1420. Rachael Goins AM '18 SSA
1421. Lauren Sutherland, PhD Student, Anthropology
1422. Sara Rosenau, AB '19
1423. Alston Boyd, 2nd year in the College, Philosophy
1424. Grant Gordon, AB '08
1425. Dylan Madden, MSESP candidate '18, Harris School
1426. Tiesha Cassel/MA '17/Divinity School
1427. Sydnee Johnson/2nd Year/ The College
1428. Justin Bibler, Undergraduate, Cinema and Media Studies
1429. Ayomikun Idowu/1st Year/The College
1430. Ella Hester, Second Year, The College
1431. Janet Granados/AB'06/ MAT '08
1432. Noah Abramovitz/3rd Year/Philosophy
1433. Lauren Lapinski, 1st Year AM/MPP Candidate/SSA and Harris
1434. Leyla Abdella, 2nd Year, the College
1435. Veronica Philipsborn, MSW, SSA
1436. Elizabeth J Hurtig, AB '64, MA '67 (History)
1437. Caitlin Parton AB '07
1438. Daniela Tolchinsky, AB 2015
1439. Matthew Collins, AB '15, MAT '16
1440. Mallory Widell, SSA
1441. Sarah Van Deusen Phillips/PhD '08/Psychology and Human Development
1442. Benjamin Hsu, SB'18
1443. Shannon Sheu/2nd-year undergraduate/Computer Science
1444. Kamanto Sunarto, PhD 1980 the Department of Education
1445. Shaun Teo, AB '10
1446. Feng Ye, Undergraduate Student, Anthrology
1447. Jamila Picart, 4th year, The College
1448. Victoria Lawless/1st year/The College
1449. Feng Ye, Undergraduate student, Anthropology
1450. Constance Delannoy, BA '15, The College
1451. Kendall Lucero, Undergraduate, 2nd year
1452. Kennedy Breanne Green, 3rd year, The College
1453. Simeon Daferede/2nd Year/The College
1454. Megan Brookman, AM Candidate, SSA
1455. Cristina Moon, AB '05
1456. Rachel Constanzo/1st Year/School of Social Service Administration
1457. Jamie Keener, AB '17
1458. Iréné Zigururimi/Student/Undergrad
1459. Alessandra Stevens/ Alumna AB '11
1460. Victoria Koffsky, Undergraduate, Public Policy
1461. Rick Da/2nd Year/The College
1462. Matthew Schumm, Undergraduate (2019), Biology
1463. Erindira Tejada, AB '08
1464. Monika Lagaard, BA '12
1465. Stephanie Ortega/2nd Year in The College
1466. Tiffany Kwak, AB '10, MPP '18
1467. Omar Lopez Ramirez/Postdoctoral Scholar/Department of Neurobiology
1468. Dave Burnham/PhD Candidate/Cinema and Media Studies
1469. Briana Moore, 1st Year, The College
1470. Antonia Gonzalez-Garrido/PhD/Neurobiology Department
1471. Matthew Vickers, SSA Graduate Student 17'
1472. Kevin Lee, MAPSS '17, SSD
1473. Zhenni Lin/4th year/the College, Psychology & English
1474. Sara Weiss
1475. Allison Butin, Graduate student, School of Social Service Administration
1476. Melissa Whitney, MPP 2nd year, Harris
1477. Julia Naman, MD Candidate '20
1478. Addie Barron, Undergrad, Physics
1479. Andrew Harrington, AB '20
1480. Fatematuz Chamak/ Masters Student/ School of Social Administration
1481. Andrea Tabora/1st year
1482. Zach Herman/ 1st year Masters / School of Social Service Administration
1483. Guillermo Zapata, student, the college
1484. Gareth Ramsey, 1st Year, The College
1485. Cara Ugolino, AM Candidate '17, SSA
1486. Anne Sauer, AB '09
1487. Jason Shapiro, AB '06
1488. Courtney Burrows, MBA Candidate '17, PhD '15
1489. Claire Hagerty/2nd Year, Undergraduate
1490. Soren Larsen-Ravenfeather, AM Candidate, SSA
1491. Maria Lopez-Boada, AM '12
1492. Caraline Sepich/MD Candidate/Pritzker School of Medicine
1493. Dan Lastres /3rd year undergrad/ english department
1494. Danielle Schmidt/2nd Year in the College/Public Policy and Philosophy
1495. Gabriela Lastres, AB '16
1496. Eleanor Khirallah, AB '19
1497. Huiying Chan AB09
1498. Jonathan Haglund, AB '16
1499. Matthew Hubbell, PhD Candidate, Cinema and Media Studies
1500. Artemis Willis, PhD Candidate, Cinema and Media Studies
1501. Hayley Gruenspan, 1st year
1502. Avi Garelick, AB '10
1503. Austin Fang, MBA Candidate 2017, Booth School of Business
1504. Jordan Chaplik, AM Candidate '18, SSA
1505. Adia Robinson/ 3rd year/The College
1506. Ali Feser, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
1507. Valerie Angelkos, MBA Candidate '17, Booth School of Business
1508. Jessie Ferguson, AB '02
1509. Dylan Stafford, First Year in the College
1510. Rev. Daniel Puchalla, M.Div. '09
1511. Carly Offidani-Bertrand
1512. Megan Shade, AM '17, SSA
1513. Alaina Schofield/Master's student/School of Social Service Administration
1514. Olivia Wilks SSA Graduate student '17
1515. Clea Braendel, AB '19
1516. Anne Gunderson, MPP '18
1517. James McLelllan / 2nd Year in the College
1518. Alexandra Gonzalez/ Graduate Student/ SSA
1519. Gabrielle Friedman, 1st Year, The College
1520. Camila Maturana, AB '06, Anthropology
1521. Pablo Cruz/ 2nd Year student/ The College
1522. Marielena Segovia, AB '17
1523. Nancy Pantoja/ PhD student, Psychology
1524. Madeleine Norman, 1st Year, the College
1525. Adriana Gonzales, 1st Year, The College
1526. Alyssa Rodriguez, Anthropology, The College
1527. Michael LeMay, 2nd Year, The College
1528. Ariel Matalon, AB'16, PhD Student, Department of Physics
1529. Romina Vargas Bezzubikoff / First Year / The College
1530. Ayling Zulema Dominguez/2nd year/Undergraduate College
1531. Krista Olson, PhD student, Comparative Human Development
1532. Gabriel M. Barrón/1st Year/The College/Division of the Physical Sciences
1533. Allen Hernandez, A.M. '06, SSA
1534. Chicago Booth
1535. Manuela Pia Ortiz, 1st Year, The College
1536. Paula Martin, SSA '14, PhD Student in Comparative Human Development
1537. Fabiola Salazar
1538. Madison Lo, 3rd Year, Political Science and EALC
1539. Talia Gordon, PhD Student, Comparative Human Development
1540. Vanessa Camacho/2nd Year/The College
1541. Mary Vansuch, AB '17, Economics
1542. Layla Al, 1st Year, Undergraduate Student
1543. Jane Tuszynski, 4th year, The College
1544. Felipe Bomeny, Second Year, The College
1545. Caitlin Hogan, 1st year, the College
1546. Nelida Garcia, Assistant Director, Career Advancement
1547. Rachel Kulikoff, AB '15
1548. Max Lupin, Fourth year, The College
1549. Zach Taylor, 4th year, The College
1550. Paola Del Toro, First year in The College
1551. Carlos Olivares, 1st year, The College
1552. Carissa Aranda, AB '12
1553. Alex Shams, Ph.D Student, Anthropology
1554. Solveig Nelson, PH.D. Candidate, Art History
1555. Rebecca Frausel/PhD Student/Comparative Human Development
1556. Amelia Menton AM '16 SSA
1557. Taz Urnov, BA '19
1558. Christine Zappella, PhD Student, Art History
1559. Sandy Lin/PhD Student/Art History
1560. Renee Wah, UC College '19
1561. Danielle Wilson, AB '15, the college
1562. Carolina Montes/3rd Year Undeergrad/The College
1563. Angie Epifano, PhD Student, Art History
1564. David Chastain Emanuel, AB '03
1565. Eric Holmberg, 3rd Year, College
1566. Miranda Nelson, AB '07
1567. Marci Kirchberg, AM Candidate 2017, SSA
1568. Kenya Senecharles, 3rd Year, College
1569. Cristina Castañeda, BA'12, MAT'13
1570. Lilach Rapaport. Chicago Booth '17
1571. Kelvin Kien Le/ AM 2018/ SSA
1572. Andres Leland/ 1st year, College
1573. Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, PhD Student, Medical Physics
1574. Kosi Achife/1st year student/The College
1575. Ashton Hashemipour, 1st year, College
1576. Yiren Zheng, PhD Student, East Asian Languages and Civlizations
1577. Jasmine Barnard, 2nd year, the college
1578. Joshua Press-Williams, 1st year, College
1579. Elizabeth Panetta, AM Candidate 2018, School of Social Service Administration
1580. Samuel Rowe/PhD Candidate/English
1581. Shirley Yeung, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
1582. Mohammed Alsenani, Second year, The College
1583. Brooke Adams/Undergraduate/College
1584. Julia Finch, MD Candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1585. Sara N Paretsky, Alumna, PhD - History, 1977
1586. Amanda Hamilton, PhD, SALC 2011
1587. Nahiris M Bahamón, MD PGY-2 Pediatrics, Comer Children's Hospital
1588. Marina Rioux, 4th Year, College
1589. Zoe Berra, 4th year in the College
1590. Nadiah Wong, 1st Year, The College
1591. Esmeralda Barajas, The College, '19
1592. Savannah Esquivel, PhD Candidate, Art History
1593. Emma Badia, First Year in The College
1594. Mahmoud Yousef, 3rd Year, The College
1595. Lynda Lopez, AB '14
1596. Jadine Collingwood, AB '07, PhD Candidate, Art History
1597. Ryan Teehan, 3rd Year, College
1598. Kanisha Williams, 3rd Year, The College
1599. Reema Saleh
1600. Daisy Nunez, First Year, The College
1601. Courtney Lakoduk, 3rd year, The College
1602. Binita Donohue/Adjunct Lecturer/SSA
1603. Nancy P. Lin, PhD student, Department of Art History
1604. Nikhil Mandalaparthy, 2nd year, the College
1605. Cara Piraino, 4th year, the College; 1st year, Center for Middle Eastern Studies
1606. Josh Arnon, 3rd Year, The College
1607. Caitlin M. Hudac, Ph.D, AB'05, Human Development
1608. Fred Kardos/ First Year Undergrad/ The College
1609. Jessica Lu, first year, the College
1610. Roscoe C. Giles/ Professor (Boston Univiersity)/ AB Physics 1970
1611. Hanna Batlan, AB '20, Public Policy, The College
1612. Rachel Neuburger, 3rd Year, College
1613. Jasmin Pizano, 3rd year, College
1614. Sarah Best, X '03
1615. Jessica Law, 3rd Year, College
1616. Jasmine Hernandez, BA '07
1617. Laura Seago, AB '07
1618. Teri Browne, PhD SSA 2008
1619. Amy Qin
1620. Clancy Taylor, MAPH
1621. Daryl Handlin, AM '07
1622. Andy Hatem, First-Year, College
1623. Amir Hampel, PhD candidate, Comparative Human Development
1624. Mahi Senthilkumar, 2nd Year, College
1625. Claudia Richoux, first year, The College
1626. Jaime Sánchez Jr., A.B.'16 History, The College
1627. David Zhao/1st Year/College
1628. Ji Seung "Anna" Kim, 2nd Year, The College
1629. Lara Burt, A.M. '17, SSA
1630. Jonathan Johnson / M.A. / Divinity
1631. Beau Maysey
1632. Tes Hash, PhD student, Philosophy
1633. Daniel K. Phillips, PhD Student, Art History
1634. Leopoldo Gomez, MBA '17
1635. Elizabeth Wagner, AB '12
1636. Grecia Martinez, 2nd Year, The College
1637. Valeria Monroy/ Second Year/ The College
1638. Christopher Wheat, AB '00, The College
1639. Celeste Alexander/BA ''01
1640. Ilana Miller, PhD candidate, History
1641. Lizbeth Cordova, BA '13
1642. Susy Gomez/A.M. Candidate/SSA
1643. Peter Fritch, AM 2016, SSA
1644. Rudy Faust, AB '98, The College
1645. Dheeraj Ravi/MBA Student/Booth School of Business
1646. Carrie Goldberg, AB '10
1647. Myrna Cortes, AB '97, Human Resources Manager, Department of Pediatrics
1648. Michael Tepper, BA '00 Mathematics
1649. Simone Gewirth, 1st year, The College
1650. Keshia Harris, Ph.D. Candidate, Comparative Human Development
1651. Anna Li, 2nd Year, The College
1652. Trupti Patel, Harris School of Public Policy, MPP 2006
1653. Linda Tate, MBA/MSW, 1978
1654. Lauren Pett/ MPP '15/ Harris
1655. Alex MacKenzie AB '06
1656. John Dowling, SM '05
1657. Alexander Ward, 2nd Year, The College
1658. Ariel Maschke/A.M. Candidate/SSA
1659. Ben Naimark-Rowse, AB '03
1660. Edith Portales 3rd Year The College
1661. Les Henderson, AB 2001, The College
1662. Noemi Garcia, AB '13, The College
1663. Anthony DiGiovanni, AB '19
1664. Shirl Yang, Ph.D Student, English
1665. Kristin Patton, MBA '06, Booth School of Business
1666. Kimberlee Pelster, AB 2010
1667. Nicholas Villarreal/1st year, The College
1668. Harry Paul, 1st Year, The College
1669. Cynthia Pang, 1st Year, The College
1670. Hannah Melnicoe, BA, 2006
1671. Shaili Datta, 3rd Year, The College
1672. Abena Gyamfuah Sarfo-Mensah, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development
1673. Young Lee, SM '16 Statistics
1674. Cristina Schaver, AB'16; Admissions Counselor, College Admissions
1675. Gabriela Berndt, 3rd Year, The College
1676. Dhruv Raj Bhartia- Student at University of Chicago
1677. Cheng-Yi Tsai, AB '15
1678. Andrea Haidar, AB Sociology '15, AM Social Service Administration '16
1679. Birte Loschenkohl, Lecturer, Social Sciences
1680. Mark Treitel, 1st Year, The College
1681. Benjamin Heller, AB'14
1682. Rolanda Fu, 1st Year, The College
1683. Nikki Lively, MA, LCSW, Lecturer, The School of Social Service Administration
1684. Sandra Altamero-Downing/Lab School/U-High/BA 1983
1685. Jared Holley/Harper-Schmidt Fellow/Society of Fellows
1686. Julia Smith, 1st year, college
1687. Emily Lyons/Ph D Student/ Comparative Human Development
1688. Gina Olson, Associate Director, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality
1689. Erin McFee, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Comparative Human Development
1690. Alice Kallman, 3rd year, The College
1691. Neel Ratha, First Year, The College
1692. Francey Russell, PhD candidate, Philosophy
1693. Victoria Purvis Marszalek, Lcsw, social service administration, 2003
1694. Matilda Stubbs/Lecturer/SSA
1695. Sara Toussaint, AB'00
1696. Ilana Harwayne-Gidansky/alumna/college of the university of Chicago
1697. Austin Bean, AB '04
1698. Khoa Phan, B.A 2019, Fundamentals & Sociology
1699. Caroline Weisser, AB 2009
1700. Diego Cardenas, third year, sociology
1701. Zhiliang Gong/Graduate Student/Department of Chemistry
1702. Fanny Y. Lopez, Harris School of Public Policy, MPP 2013
1703. Maureen Tracey-Mooney, AB '05
1704. Raphael B. Espinoza, first-year, the college
1705. Mengna Da, Alumna, MAPH' 15
1706. Jason Bird, PhD 2009, The School of Social Service Administration
1707. Jane Bohnsack, Program Manager, Master of Arts Program in the Humanities
1708. Helen Lee, Doctoral Student, Comparative Human Development
1709. Disha Sharma, Chicago Booth
1710. Isabelle Sohn, 1st Year, The College
1711. Syeda Akila Ally, AB '16
1712. Zoe VanGelder
1713. Abigail Huntoon, 3rd Year, Global Studies & Political Science
1714. Roanna Cooper, MA, School of Social Service Administration 2011
1715. Erin C. Watts / MPP 2015 / Harris
1716. Julia Smith, 1st year, college
1717. Monica Vela MD/Professor of Medicine/Pritzker School of Medicine
1718. Jenna Jablonski, Project Assistant, Dept of Medicine
1719. Renee Cox, Alumna, SSA 1996
1720. Leslie Andersen, Assoc. Director, Harris School Career Development Office
1721. Susanna Howard, MD candidate, Pritzker School of Medicine
1722. Caitlin Moroney, 3rd Year, Economics
1723. Joel D. Jackson, Manager, UCM
1724. Brian Steiner, 4th year, The College
1725. Cameron Martinez/3rd Year/The College
1726. Amina Dreessen
1727. David Meza Masters CMES
1728. Lindsey Weglarz, AB '07, AM '10, PhD Candidate (NELC)
1729. Maheema Haque, 4th Year, The College
1730. Winifred Dunn Kearns, LCSW, Alumna of School of Social Service Adminstration
1731. Anna Lee White, MA, Divinity School, '18
1732. Annie Greene, PhD student, NELC
1733. Matthew Boyle/Professor/Department of Philosophy
1734. Aviva Nathan, Sr Research Project Mgr, BSD & Medical Center
1735. Anthony Lauricella, PhD Candidate, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1736. August Samie, Doctoral Student, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1737. Scott Cook / Deputy Director - Finding Answers National Program Office / Biological Sciences Division / Department of Medicine
1738. Mollie Flink, AM, SSA, LCSW
1739. Isabella Levy, 3rd Year, Psychology
1740. Melissa Gatter, AB '15
1741. Andrew Wright, CMES '17
1742. Matthew Richey, MA '15, Ph.D. student Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1743. Gabriel Davis, Second Year, the College
1744. Natasha Ayers, PhD Candidate, NELC
1745. Emily Smith, PhD Student, NELC
1746. Addison Leavy, 1st year, the college
1747. Lucy Xu, Medical Student, Pritzker School of Medicine
1748. Amanda Peters/1st Year/The College
1749. Anna Brown, 2nd Year, The College
1750. Ariel Salmon, First Year, The College
1751. Emily Churchman Kobayashi, AB '04
1752. Jorge A. Gamarra, class of 2011, The College (did not graduate because of immigration problems)
1753. Amy Carolyn Stebbins, Ph.D. Candidate, Germanic Studies and Cinema & Media Studies
1754. Erik Pantoja, 1st year, MA School of Social Service Administration
1755. Rachel Weinbren, 2nd Year, The College
1756. Kirsten Adam, PhD student, Psychology
1757. Mary Ellen Acree, MD, University of Chicago Medicine
1758. Seohyun Choi / University of Chicago, The College graduate
1759. Isabel Lachenauer, PhD Student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1760. Julia Smith, 1st year, college
1761. Charlotte Robertson, PhD Student, History
1762. Alexis Wolf, 1st Year, The College
1763. Esteban Gavilanez, 3rd Year, The College
1764. Emale Gray '09
1765. Stefanie Dominik, School of Social Service Administration
1766. Jo-Elle Munchak, Esq., AB '90
1767. Brad Blickstein, AB '90
1768. David Mortman, SB '94
1769. David E. Matchen, Jr., AB '91
1770. Rubi Medina, CDA
1771. Swati Avasthi, AB '93
1772. James Waller, PhD Student, Psychology
1773. Theresa Tiliakos, CMES 2017
1774. David A. Auerbach, AB 90'
1775. Max Koss, PhD candidate, Department of Art History
1776. Hilary Tackie/PhD candidate/Comparative Human Development
1777. Jalisha Braxton, PhD Student, Psychology
1778. Laura Schlachtmeyer, AB '91
1779. Ben Giber, 3rd Year, The College
1780. Noel Steere SB '98
1781. Moira McNulty, MD, University of Chicago Medicine
1782. Yuna Blajer de la Garza, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science
1783. Aaron Dinner/Professor/Chemistry
1784. Logan Leak/1st year/The College
1785. Chloe Reyes, SSA student.
1786. Justin Boyan, SB `91
1787. Claudio Sansone PhD Comparative Literature and Classics, Chair of the Student Government Committee on Student Employment
1788. Doren G. Snoek, PhD student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1789. Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky/ Assistant Professor/ Cinema and Media Studies
1790. Stefi Hernandez
1791. Natalia Delery, 4th Year, The College, Comparative Human Development
1792. Sydney Ko, 3rd Year, Computer Science
1793. Erika Carmona, AB '15
1794. Ben Bazin, 4th Year, The College
1795. Christina Cano, 2nd year, The Chollege
1796. Anna-Lise Santella, AM '94; PhD candidate, Music
1797. Gisella Diaz, PhD Student, Psychology
1798. Ebenezer Concepcion, Graduate Student, Romance Languages & Literatures
1799. Rajay S O Lee, Immigrant, American, 'AB 15
1800. Takuya Tsunoda, Lecturer, Cinema and Media Studies
1801. Josephine Lippincott, CMES
1802. Mir Alikhan, Graduate Student, Center for Middle Eastern Studies ('17)
1803. Mariel Colbert, M.A. Candidate, CMES
1804. Erik Mueller, Masters Candidate, CMES '18
1805. Ethel Yang, AB '13
1806. Emily Morrison, 2nd year, The College
1807. Allison Turner, PhD Candidate, English
1808. Shaun Lane, Lecturer, School of Social Service Administration
1809. Julia Aizuss, AB '18, The College
1810. Parth Joshi, MAPH '15
1811. Bill Hutchison, PhD student, English
1812. Alejandra Velasco, 1st year, The College
1813. Danielle Plung, 4th Year Student, The College
1814. Richard Wu, 2nd Year, The College
1815. Deborah Hwang, 2nd Year, School of Social Service Administration
1816. Elizabeth Smith, AB'18, The College
1817. Andrew Friedman, Second Year, The College
1818. Sveta Stoytcheva, AB '12
1819. Manpreet Kaur, 3rd Year, The College
1820. Stephen P Mitchell, AM '92
1821. Ashley Cureton Turner, SSA. PhD Candidate & Lecturer
1822. Jesse Lockard, PhD Candidate, Art History
1823. Gwendolyn Kristy, MA, CMES, '17
1824. Miriam Muccione, Graduate Student, Romance Languages and Literatures
1825. Grace Brody, LAB '12, MA CMES '18
1826. Benjamin C. Edmonds, AB '92, JD '98
1827. Zoe High, Divinity School, MA '17
1828. Saleem Hue Penny, School of Social Service Administration, AM '11
1829. Paul Lerner, Professor of History, USC, AB '8888
1830. Corbin Allardice, 3rd Year, The College
1831. Jonathan Winnerman, NELC, PhD Candidate
1832. Dennis E. Tamburello, O.F.M., Ph.D. 1990 Divinity School, Prof. of Religious Studies, Siena College
1833. Shiraz Hajiani/PhD Candidate/Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
1834. Vinicius Marinho, Ph.D. student, Divinity School
1835. Mina Lee/Student/School of Social Service Administration
1836. Erin Huebert, MPP '06
1837. Kerry LePain, MA Student, Center for Latin American Studies
1838. Julie Morales, AB'12
1839. Jenisha, CMS
1840. Michael Park/PhD/School of Social Service Administration
1841. Brenda Kissane am student ssa
1842. Evelyn Rosas, AB '07
1843. Lauren Bronzo, School of Social Service Administration, AM '15
1844. Peyton Walker/3rd Year/The College
1845. Kristin Miller, AB '01
1846. Basia Ellis, PhD, Comparative Human Development
1847. Christian D. Sanchez AB'15
1848. Uday Arun Jain/ PhD Student/ Committee on Social Thought
1849. Timothy Cannon/MAPSS
1850. Zeke Reich, MA '06 (Humanities)
1851. Virginia Rangos, AB '10, PhD Candidate, Sociology
1852. Sebastian Baere, AB '12
1853. Joanna Villacorta Griffin, School of Social Service Administration, AM '15
1854. Ann Tichenor, AB '01
1855. Joumana Samaha, Alumna, The College, BA '16
1856. Rachel Freeman, AB '08
1857. Zoya Sameen/PhD student/Department of History
1858. Chauntay Brenord, LCSW, AM '14
1859. Tze G Tan, AB '09
1860. Erik Underwood, MBA, 2018
1861. Katia Fowler / PhD student / English Language and Literature
1862. Lucy Leban, AM '16, Committee on International Relations
1863. Vivian Fan, MBA '17
1864. Urvi Kumbhat/ Undergrad
1865. Austin O'Malley/NELC
1866. Matt Shanahan, AB '14 The College
1867. Andrew Mines, 3rd Year, The College
1868. Sophia Carryl
1869. Darcy Ross, PhD candidate, Organismal Biology & Anatomy
1870.Erik Thiede, PHD Candidate, Chemistry
1871. Molly Greene MA '17
1872. Zhenghan Liao, Graduate student, Department of Chemistry
1873. Alan Mardinly, AB 2006
1874. Kelly Holob, PhD Student, Divinity School
1875. Anastasia Belozertseva, AB'12 The College
1876. Emily Gikow, MBA '16 Booth
1877. Guillermo Pereda, The college
1878. Zaid Alawi, AB '08
1879. David Ansari, PhD Candidate, Comparative Human Development
1880. Lauren Speigel, MPP '17, Harris School of Public Policy
1881. Caryn O'Connell, PhD Candidate, English; Lecturer, Humanities Core
1882. Dalaina Heiberg, PhD Student, Political Science
1883. Eric W. Kramer, PhD '01, Anthropology
1884. Ariel Singer PhD Candidate NELC
1885. Thomas Alva, AB '12, Public Policy
1886. Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS, '09, Assistant Profesor, Dept of Medicine
1887. Rory Hanlon, PhD, Philosophy
1888. Yaniv Ron-El, PhD student, Sociology
1889. Bing Jiang, MBA '16
1890. Irene Elkin, Professor Emerita, School of Social Service Administration
1891. Dolores Norton SSA Samuel Deutsch Professor Emerita
1892.Megan Garrad, MA Candidate, School of Social Service Administration
1893. Nina Medoff, SSA Grad Student '18
1894. Mingyue Wang, AM, SSA,
1895.Melissa A. Novak, LCSW, Lecturer, SSA
1896. Jannelly Areche
1897. Daniel Schultz, PhD Candidate, Divinity
1898. Susan Nedza MD student, MLA
1899. Paritosh Kumar, MBA '16
1900. Jakina Dortch, AB'12
1901. Inhe Choi, AB '84, Economics
1902. Julia Barajas
1903. Susan Lopez, AB '10, Sociology
1904. Ittai Eres, PhD Candidate, Human Genetics

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